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How To Get Pregnant Help – Tips For Getting Pregnant Quickly

Here are some tips to get pregnant. The simplest thnigs can show you how to get pregnant and help is available to help you to conceive quickly. ..No matter how long you have been trying. Tips to get pregnant Quick #1- Drink Plenty ofWater

Most individuals laugh when they hear this tip or dismiss it but h2o is essential to many processes, including sperm health, reproduction, development of the embryo and significantly to help you conceive easier . Make certain that your urine is usually clear. You ought to be drinking at least 6-8 glasses of h2o each day. Tips to get pregnant Fast #2 – Stop Eating Junk Meals and junk food.

What is junk food? Junk food is any meals that’s heavily processed. This can include quick food, packaged foods, alcohol, canned goods and more. Caffeine ought to also be avoided. These things can contain issues for example, sugar, MSG, preservatives, artificial food colorings etc. can all trigger infertility issues in both males and women.

How To get pregnant help #3-Eat Lots of Raw food , Fruits and Vegetables

Raw food, fruits and vegetables gives you the most quantity of nutrition feasible. Cooking destroys significantly the valuable trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and more from food. Pesticides in non-organic meals can trigger infertility issues in each males and women and ought to be avoided.

Tips to get pregnant fast #4 – Avoid Soy

Soy is a heat processed foods and has extremely hormone unbalancing effects. Replace soy milk with almond milk, brown rice milk or other milk.

How to get pregnant help tip #5 – Avoid Meats, Poultry, and Seafood

In other words, eat more vegetables. Too much Meat, poultry and seafood can contain harmful organisms such as heavy metals (mercury in seafood), parasites and bacteria.
Tips to Get Pregnant Fast #6- Detoxify

If you’ve a bloated belly or go to the washroom once each day or as soon as every few days then you have to increase your nutrient absorption. If you live in a heavily polluted area, the city, or utilized to be a smoker, you need this. In the event you drink a great deal or utsed to drink a great deal of alcohol, ensure you do a cleanse. All these things will help you get pregnant fast.

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How To Get Pregnant Help Tip #7- Stop smoking. If you smoke stop at once. Not only does this cause lots of problems for you but it can affect your baby when you do get pregnant. Following these simple steps can help you to get pregnant quickly. One of the easiest wasy to get pregnant is with the tips to get pregnant you can find by clicking here for pregnancy miracle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any online games that you can get pregnant in the game?
    I know you can get pregnant in Sims, so don’t say Sims.
    I know you can get pregnant in Second Life.
    Is there any other games?
    It’s not that I want to get pregnant and I like playing games like that since I like life and the beauty of reproduction

    • ANSWER:
      virtual villagers virtual villagers 2 nd dere is one more =]

    i have sims 2 games and always getting pregnant and i want them to go some place to give birth while?

    • ANSWER:

    My friends girlfriend is pregnant and keeps playing games.?
    My friends girlfriend is 5 months pregnant. Her and my friend have been together over a year. She keeps running back to her ex and then right back to him. She is now going to kick him out of the apartment they live in cause they dont get along very good. What are his options & the best thing he could do in this situation?

    • ANSWER:
      He can leave and get his pennies ready to pay child support. There’s not much he can do. They are not married, and he really has no rights until it’s proven in the court system that he is the father of the baby via paternity test when he files for custodial rights after the baby is born.

    What DS video games allow you to get pregnant and have a family?
    ok I know Harvest Moon let’s the girl get pregnant but I want a game where you stay pregnant instead of rushing through everything and skip to the end result of the baby. I adore pregnancy! So if there’s any games that have animals pregnant would be nice too! <3

    • ANSWER:
      Super Dimension Pregnancy Gaiden…It’s a Japanese game…You spend the first half of the game pregnant and making decisions to make sure the baby is born healthy and doesn’t die in the womb, and the second half after the baby is born is spent piloting your baby (spoiler: your baby turns out to be a giant robot) to defend Neo Tokyo from interdimensional creatures.

    How do you get teen sims pregnant?
    I was wondering how you get the teenagers on The Sims 2 (computer game) pregnant. I need some details. I’m a bit slow with things.

    • ANSWER:
      Press Control, Shift and ‘C’ then type in the box ‘boolProp testingscheatsenabled true’ then hit Enter. Then click on the mailbox and, making sure you are on the Sim you want to get pregnant, I think you can be a guy (That might be a different cheat-Haven’t used my Sims 2 game for ages), then on the mailbox, click ‘Get Pregnant With’ and choose who they are pregnant with! You can do hundreds of cheats when this cheat has been entered, by clicking and right clicking on loads of different objects, mainly the mailbox and dustbin. Also, when you use this, you can get pregnant with anyone at the house at that moment in time.

      For loads more cheats, click the mailbox and click more, then select Tombstone of L and D (Life and Death). A tombstone will appear, it can be moved anywhere, if clicked on, you can even add a new family member…Or kill one!

      Hope I Helped!


      Any questions about how to do Sims 2 Cheats? Email me on:

After getting pregnant, it’s time you get into super-health mode!

While most health professionals recommend that pregnant women should start a strict health regime before becoming pregnant, that’s just not always possible. You may not have thought you would become pregnant, but there you are! Your whole life is about to change and,of course its suddenly time to start looking after some important stuff. Like your health for example.

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As soon as that test comes back positive, it’s time you get serious about every aspect of your your health. From good sleeping patterns, to lifestyle changes, right through to optimum nutrition and regular exercise, your work’s really cut out for you! But dont skimp on any of this because your baby is depending on you! I’ve got a few pointers here on how to get your state of health in top shape after getting pregnant.

Let’s begin with getting that beauty sleep. After getting pregnant, it’s no longer just a question of looking and feeling your best, it’s now also an essential aspect of your baby’s health. While we usually refer to a regular sleep schedule as ‘beauty’ sleep, after getting pregnant, you need to take a fresh perspective on just what regular sleep does for your body. During sleep, your body rebuilds new tissue, allows you that much needed relaxation and helps you de-stress from the rigors of everyday life. Baby feels the benefits!

Now, here we come to any lifestyle changes you may want to make: if you smoke or drink alcohol, now’s definitely the time to quit! Ask your pediatrician for advice on how best to kick the smoking habit. Abstain from alcohol – it’s well known that consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to a number of pregnancy complications. As for ‘recreational’ drugs, that’s definitely out! Take stock of your lifestyle and any ‘vices’. Get rid of them. Your baby will thank you for the rest of his or her lifetime.

After getting pregnant, you’ll want a good book on nutrition and pregnancy. Go to your local book shop or online vendor. There are dozens of excellent books on the subject. Look for one that details the benefits of each and every nutrient you consume. Believe me, it will be an eye-opener! Perhaps more than any other single step you can take after getting pregnant, this will be most valuable. A good book on pregnancy nutrition will cover all the issues of good health during pregnancy and serve as the inspiration you most need now!

After getting pregnant, be sure to discuss an appropriate exercise program with your pediatrician. Each woman and pregnancy is unique. Follow your doctor’s advice! Report benefits, as well as any problems you may encounter with that regimen, promptly. Looking after you health is important at every stage in your life but especially if you are having a baby at 40 , that’s why you really need to take action and stick with the program.

So, there you have the basics. Of course, your pediatrician is your best advisor. Run this basic list of after getting pregnant do’s and don’ts by your doc. Your baby is depending on you! Happy Baby to you!

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

pregnancy due date calculator - Electrical Resource - About Electrical ...

Pregnancy due date calculator – are they accurate ?

Due date calculators are generally considered accurate within 7 days. Typically, most practitioners don’t adjust due dates in either direction if the discrepancy between the two possible dates is less than 7 days. And that’s true even of early ultrasounds.

There are generally two ways of measuring a pregnancy, LMP (last menstrual period) and gestational. Most due date calculators go by LMP, which calculates a pregnancy at 40 weeks or 10 lunar (4 week) months. LMP would mean that ovulation took place in your 2nd week of pregnancy (day 14). Gestational starts from the date of ovulation resulting in a 38 week pregnancy. So if you know the date of ovulation you can calculate where you are by either LMP or gestational.

The ultrasound technology may give you an odd date because they may not use either of these; they sometimes take the rate of development and change the due date based on where on their scale the baby is. The Doctor may even move the due date based on this, even if you know absolutely when the baby was conceived!

Babies only have so much possible size variability throughout pregnancy and so most will be of a certain size at a certain point in the pregnancy. The later in the pregnancy you are the more individual variability among babies there is and so the less accurate the size and date estimate will be. However, for example, almost all babies will be 2 inches at 13 weeks (LMP) and each little bit bigger than that they are, an extra day would get tacked on to an ultrasound estimate.

The solution is to calculate the pregnancy due date and then, unless there are complications be ready early but figure on going late. Many people have their hearts set on their due date and are so ready on their due date that when it goes by and nothing. They get pretty upset.

About the author: Due Date Calculator – Free online Pregnancy Calculator You are one click away from finding out the day your baby will be born.


Frequently Asked Questions

    I am building a website that needs to be done soon, but I need a pregnancy due date calculator.?
    I found one that they want to use but I can’t find the embed code anywhere cause the website it came from doesnt exist anymore. Help?? Its the due date calculator by MyTickerScript.

    • ANSWER:
    Is the pregnancy due date calculator true?
    Hello, mothers and mothers-to-be! I just want to ask
    if this pregnancy calculator available in the Internet
    is true enough. —

    Try to input the date asked in it, and
    see if the data match with what you doctor tell/told you
    or what happens/happened to you in reality.

    I’m just wondering, and there’s no harm in asking, right?

    I just can’t believe that I’m 9 months pregnant now.
    I am thinking that it is just 5 weeks. Hehe. ((:
    I hope that you can enlighten me about this matter.

    Thanks, everyone!
    I’m sorry, but that’s 9 weeks, not 9 months! ahaha! ((:

    • ANSWER:
      It’s accurate according to all of my info. I’ll be 32 weeks tomorrow and it certainly doesn’t seem like I’m that far yet. Good luck!
    Pregnancy due date calculators…?
    According to the online calculator, I am due September 16th… It also says that my babies heart have its first heartbeat TOMORROW!! I’m so excited!! When do you think the best time for first appointment is? Should I wait till after 8 weeks?? I have read that the doctors cant actually do anything before that?! whats your opinion? well thanks!!! take care

    • ANSWER:
    I tested positive with a pregnancy test yesterday! According to the due date calculator it says I’m 5 weeks.?
    It says that at week 5 I should have a lot of symptoms such as nausea, soreness, etc but the only one I noticed is I’m peeing more. Did anyone else experience this? I have a dr appt next week.

    • ANSWER:
      Any and all pregnancy symptoms are possible symptoms and the timeframe is when the “could” start…

      With my daughter, I swear I had EVERY symptom within 48 hours of finding out I was pregnant… This time around I didn’t even believe I was pregant till the Dr showed me the test over a week late.

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      I JUST started getting moring sickness over the weekend. It is very mild compared to last time, and the onset is about 2 weeks later. My fatigue is very mild as well. Breasts are slightly sensitive but nothing like the agony of wearing a bra last time…

      Every woman and every pregnancy are different so don’t hold yourself or your pregnancy to the “standard” because there isn’t one…

    Pregnancy Calculator?
    I put my information into one of those pregnancy/due date calculators, it said that I conceived on April 18, 2007… but my husband and I didn’t have sex that day. Is there anyway that could be wrong, is it just an estimate?
    (I am 13 weeks & 1 day)

    • ANSWER:
      Those calculators are only estimates. As long as you had sex sometime within a week of that date, I wouldn’t be concerned. If you didn’t and the dates are still off, I would talk to your doctor about the possibility of your due date being off. ; ) Good Luck!


How To Maximize Chances Of Getting Pregnant

How Can I Maximize My Chances of Getting Pregnant?

How to Fall Pregnant Fast – Timing Intercourse to Maximize Your Chances

It’s ironic really, most of us spend most of our fertile lives trying to avoid getting pregnant and so the minute we decide to start a family, we expect it to happen right away! Although for some couples, a pregnancy will happen within a couple of months, for others, endless months go by and that awful sinking feeling when your monthly period starts becomes all too familiar.

You can also get information about your chances of getting pregnant at my free ebook here

If you would like to know how to fall pregnant fast, there are a number of steps you can take to maximize your chances. Although some couples will have a very relaxed approach and leave this very important life-changing event in the hands of fate, not everyone is willing to do this as your chances of conceiving are naturally diminishing as time goes on.

One very important element is the timing of intercourse. There are only a limited number of days each month when conception can occur and so getting this right is crucial. The most important thing to do first of all is to establish when ovulation occurs.

Ovulation occurs 14 days before the first day of the menstrual period. In women with a clockwork-regular cycle, this is relatively easy to determine. For women with irregular cycles, this is less simple, and you may need to consider using an ovulation predictor kit, as this takes away any element of doubt.

For those women wanting to know how to fall pregnant fast, you should have intercourse for two days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation and on the day following. Intercourse before ovulation ensures that some sperm is ready and waiting as the egg is released (sperm can survive for a couple of days) and as the egg can normally only survive for 24 hours, there is little point having intercourse for the purpose of conception for more than a day after ovulation.

It is vital that you understand that the timing of intercourse is just one element of successful strategies which can be employed by couples wanting to know how to fall pregnant fast. What is required is a multifaceted strategy to eliminate all possible and potential problems.

There is a holistic system which has been clinically researched over 14 years and which guarantees to help couples become pregnant quickly. Containing secret natural infertility cures, powerful techniques and the step-by-step holistic infertility cure system which is all you will ever need to permanently eliminate infertility within weeks, most women will become pregnant within 3-4 months. This “no stone unturned” system does not use drugs or surgery and has no side effects. However, it is powerful and potent and comes with a 100% guarantee. To see further details, please visit How To Fall Pregnant Fast


About the author: As a writer on female health issues, I was introduced to “Pregnancy Miracle” through a journalist friend who had done an article about the astonishing results couples had had when following the advice.It took me 9 months to conceive my daughter, but I remember it seeming like forever at the time. Therefore, any help to speed up the process is usually welcomed by couples-especially a tried and tested product like this!


Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I maximize my chances of getting pregnant?
    I had my first child nine months ago, and since then my periods are very irregular. My husband and I are wanting a second child, but i’m afraid I might have trouble getting pregnant. Since my periods are so irregular it’s hard to tell when they start and end, so it’s hard to tell when i’m ovulating. Can anyone offer any kind of information that might help?!
    and i’m not breastfeeding.
    How to maximise my chances of getting pregnant as soon as possible?
    Hi! Due to timings with completing my education and starting my graduate job, the next three months are the ideal time for us to conceive – if I don’t get pregnant in this window, realistically I won’t be able to try again for 3 or 4 years. Please give me any advice you have on maximising my chances!Also, for anyone who has used an ovulation indicator like this –

    are they worth the money? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      If you only have three months then you best get busy… ovulation is usually 14days before you period starts, depending on your cycle, so to have sex every 2days or so over the week leading up to were you ovulate, increases the chances.. things you can do to help….
      Enjoy the sex, dont just use it as baby making sex.
      Be happy, the stress of it could cause it not to happen. after his sperm has be released inside you, put your hips higher then you head, using pillows and keep them in there for as long as possible.
      keeping his Testies cool is apparently a good one for good swimmers.
      It took me one month to concieve but others are not so lucky, dont stress tho, it will happen hun.Good luck to you both! ***BABY DUST YOU WAY***
    How soon after LH Surge should you have intercourse to maximize chances of pregnancy?
    How soon after an LH surge is seen on an ovulation predictor kit should you have intercourse to maximize the chances of getting pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
    is there any possible way of getting pregnant on birth control?
    i have been taking birth control for months now and i want to know how long you have to stop it completely before being able to get pregnant? when are the best times to get pregnant? if i do not stop it and i take the pill at different times everyday could that maximize the chances of me getting pregnant? also, if i skip one pill one day and have sex that day or the next day could i get pregnant? how many pills would i have to skip to get pregnant? please answer all questions. professional help wanted. i want a child, but i was wondering if there is anyway to do that while on birth control because it helps my horrible face.
    i would stop BC completely after i got pregnant, if i got pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      Since you have been talking birth control for several months now, it might take a week or two maybe even a month for your body too release those extra hormones and get your body use too not taking the pill.The best time is too get pregnant is too first of all make sure this is something you want 110% of the way. Make sure he is the right guy for you and will stick around for when you do get pregnant & except this specail newborn into your lives an take full responsibilty babys kids are not easy too take care of or cheap of any course ya know.

      if you do skip days on your birth control and have sex the next day there is 50
      percent chance you will because your body has too adjust.

      well if i remember correctly you take the pill each week which is 7 days right?
      you would at least have too skip 3-4 days too maximize your chance of getting pregnant because if you stop the pill completely it will take at least a month too get pregnant.

      Good Luck!!!!

    What are my chancesof getting pregnant?
    My hubby and I just got done doing the deed about 20 mins ago. I detected my LH surge around 11:00 am this morning. What are our chances of getting pregnant? When should we go for round 2 and how many more days do we need to baby dance to maximizes the chance?

    • ANSWER:


Frequency of Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts аrе аn оftеn overlooked part оf уоur home. Your duct system dоes its work bеhіnd thе scenes аnd does not hаvе а tendency tо nееd repair. It іѕ natural for some people tо neglect thеm whеn іt соmеѕ tо the maintenance аnd cleaning уоur home. Mоѕt home owners clean thеіr air ducts only іn response tо а problem оr specific concern.

This strategy іѕ flawed because іf thе air duct cleaning іѕ completed only аѕ а preventative process іn response tо а specific occasion оr situation and nоt аѕ а reactive response tо аn occasion оr condition, thіѕ will not prevent уоu аnd уоur family frоm bеіng exposed tо unsafe air іn уоur house.

It іѕ nоt unusual fоr mold tо grow frоm ordinary wear аnd tear оf уоur cooling system, from a leaking roof or а leaking pipe whісh саn exist fоr years bеfоrе being detected.

Examples оf hаvіng уоur air ducts cleaned аѕ а preventative step оn аn аѕ needed basis include hаvіng thеm cleaned immediately аftеr identifying а leaking roof, а pipe leak, а nearby forest fire оr industrial fire, а flood, home remodeling, insect оr rodent infestation, buying а nеw house, etc.

The ѕеnѕіblе wау tо prevent family members frоm mold exposure іѕ tо prevent mold frоm gеttіng іntо уоur heating аnd cooling system аnd air ducts. Thе bеѕt strategy tо dо thіѕ іѕ wіth periodic professional air duct cleaning оr regular cleaning аnd inspection bу thе homeowner.

How To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

Play: How To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage
    how many women a year fall pregnant after a miscarriage not waiting for there period?
    and how many of these pregnancies are successful? i want to know because i didn’t w8 i had my second miscarriage on the 28th july 2011 and im praying im pregnant, my body and my mind is ready for it even if i get disappointed again im ready.

    • ANSWER:
      My best friend had a m/c, it was horrific and very painful, she had to have a transfusion for the amount of blood loss she incurred. She was 11 weeks pregnant at that point.
      Four weeks later, she was pregnant again. She did not have a period in between the loss and her falling pregnant again. That pregnancy resulted in the 6 year old boy running around quite happily today. Make of that what you will x
    How soon is it possible to get pregnant after miscarriage?
    I just read that you ovulate 2 weeks after miscarriage. I had one on 11/28 and 2 weeks after would be yesterday 12/12.

    I had unprotected sex (pull out method) on 12/10 and 12/11

    What are the chances I’d be pregnant again so soon? I haven’t had my first period yet. In a way I’m hoping I do get pregnant again but I’m also very scared I could miscarry again.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can get pregnant again right away and yes you do ovulate two weeks after. But you might not be pregnant if he pulled out. Then again you could. Good luck! And j
      if you get pregnant right away it will NOT cause you to have another miscarriage! Good luck!
    When did you get pregnant after Miscarriage?
    How long after your miscarriage did it take for you to become pregnant after actively trying to conceive?

    I know iv asked this question before but i didnt get too many responses. Thanks again.

    • ANSWER:
      Aww huni, Im sorry to hear about your miscarriage. xx

      I got pregnant 14 days after miscarrying. I am now 17 weeks pregnant!

      Good luck xxx

    How long did it take you to get pregnant after miscarriage?
    I have asked a few questions before and found I out I was pregnant on Feb 22, and then miscarried on Feb 27. I have ok from my dr to try again right away because I was at most 5 weeks. I was just wondering how long it took some of ya’ll to get pregnant after miscarriage if you started right away and didn’t wait to have a cycle first. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Hmm..good question..
      was wondering the exact same thing…
      My first pregnancy was in Feb and 1 week later i had a miscarriage..
      I was about 5 or 6 weeks…
      So i havent had my first actual period yet..due in about 1week..
      But we babydanced this month, just in case..
      Good Luck to us both..
    how fast can you get pregnant after miscarriage?
    i had a miscarriage Jan. 19 (no D&C needed) . i was bleeding for about seven days . after bleeding , me and my boyfriend continued to have unprotected sex . now it is three weeks since the miscarriage and im starting to have pregnancy symptoms again . (sore boobs , nausea , and headache) . i was wondering , could i be pregnant again that fast ? i havent even started my period yet . is it possible ?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a m/c july first, I ended up pregnant again on July 15 to the 18th…and am now in my 32nd week of pregnancy… yeas it is very possible that you could be pregnant again!!!


Methods To Conceive A Girl

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery | Gather

Change In Your Diet Can Help You Conceive A Girl

There is a section in our society who would want to have a girl child and they do all sorts of things to conceive a baby girl. They follow advices given by others and many of them are successful in their efforts. There are many methods described and it is a matter of debate as to which one is good and has high success rate.

There are several methods to conceive a girl baby used by various people. One of the methods is following a certain diet plan and taking a group of supplements. This diet has to be taken by both husband and wife for a few months. By using this method, a lot of parents have produced children of the gender of their own liking successfully.

There are certain substances in our diet which are present in the cervical mucus of women and favor female sperms. In men similarly there are some substances of diet which improve the health and number of girl producing sperms.

The husband and wife should modify their diet approximately six months leading up to conception. They must take more of fish and vegetable and cut down on meat. Both of them should increase the amount of sweet food and salty foods should be avoided. Added salt to any dish must not be used. Coffee should be avoided completely and intake of fresh fruits should be increased.

The main principle behind conceiving a girl is that all those conditions are produced which favor fertilization of the egg with the female sperm. Food supplements like Folic acid, vitamin C, magnesium and calcium change the medium of cervical mucus to acidic pH in women. They produce acidic pH which causes destruction of male producing sperms at the cervix of the uterus and allows female producing sperms to fertilize the egg.

In a similar way some nutrients and supplements like vitamin C and selenium help improve the sperm count in men and they make the sperms healthy too. This increases the chances of conceiving a girl quite high.

Those who desire to conceive a baby girl usually are ready to do everything which can make this possible. The good aspect of this diet plan is that it is easy to follow and is definitely beneficial for your health anyway.

Some people find following this diet plan for six months difficult. That is the only disadvantage of this method. You should consult your doctor if you decide to follow this diet. You should also read the supplement information which is important to know. After all, you should give equal importance to your own health too.

About the Author:
Discover how you can actually conceive the baby of the gender of your choice. Conceiving a girl or a boy is possible now. Visit this website to find out yourself:


Frequently Asked Questions

    Anyone tried methods to conceive a girl and it actually helped make it happen?
    I know there are certain things that are suppose to be able to help conceive a girl and I wondered if anyone had luck achieving this when they tried the one thing that actually makes sense. The thing about having sex a few days before ovulation and then stop until ovulation has passed since the girl spermies live longer than the male spermies.

    • ANSWER:
      My aunt used the Shettles method for 3 of her kids, my sister used it to try for a girl, & so did my cousin. They all got what they wanted.
      I’m not saying it’s an exact science & I wouldn’t put any money on what the gender turns out to be but I know it worked for them & I’m going to give it a shot in a couple of years to try for a girl.

    Tips or methods to conceive a girl?
    My husband and I are ready to start trying for baby # 2. We would love to have another girl. Any tips would be appreciated. Serious answers only please.

    • ANSWER:
      i have heard that if you have sex 3-4 days before you ovulate its suppose to up your chances of conceiving a girl im not sure if it works or not just what ive heard=)

    What are some old wives tales methods to conceive a girl baby?

    • ANSWER:
      Haha. I support your wish to repopulate the world with females! Anyway, there are a few silly myths here:MYTH – The shape of your growing belly will determine whether you are having a boy or a girl. BUSTED – Just because you are all in the front doesn’t mean you are having a girl! The shape of your belly only indicates the position of the baby; the amount of fluid around the baby and the shape also has a lot to do with the mums shape.

      MYTH – If you glowing it’s a girl, Nope no glow, it’s a boy. BUSTED – This one had me laughing; the fact is if you’re glowing then your happy and healthy and enjoying being pregnant! Not really on how to make sure you have a girl but silly myths on how to tell if you are having a girl or boy. LOL!

    Has anyone used the Shettles method when trying to conceive a girl or boy?
    I’ve been hearing about couples using the Shettles method to conceive a girl or boy. I guess the theory is that sperm carrying the X or Y chromosomes move at different speeds, and consequently if you want to conceive a girl you should have intercourse further from ovulation than if you want to conceive a boy. Has anybody ACTUALLY tried this and had it work???

    • ANSWER:
      yes we did it for my son.Abstain sex until day of ovulation then ,right on ovulation day we had sex once and 9 months later another beautiful boy!

    Has anyone tried shettles method or O+12 method to conceive girl?
    Just seeing if anyone has tried one of these methods for conceiving a girl and did you have a boy or girl?
    Just curious. Ive been reading about both of these and want some feedback of people who tried it.
    They are both different, I want to try one of these when we try for our 3rd baby in around 6 months time.
    We have two beautiful boys and think i will try one of these to favour conceiving a girl.
    And yes we would be so happy to have either a boy or a girl next so dont bother writing negative comments about being grateful for whatever sex you have, because of course we would be! We love our boys and just think we will try method to favour a girl. No harm trying!
    The O+12 method says you wait til 12 hours after ovulation to have sex to try conceive girl and your partner shouldnt ejaculate for at least 1 week at all untill you have sex after ovulation.
    The shettles says to have lots of sex after you period finishes until 2-3 days before ovulation then no unprotected sex after those days.

    • ANSWER:
      Pretty sure it’s just an old wives tail.

      You can ask your doctor about having your husband’s sperm separated from “male” and “female” ones. It’s kind of expensive though.

      Pretty sure one is called “Sperm spinning” just google it I bet you’ll get a few other things as well.

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant ~ Information For A Healthy Pregnancy Increase ...

Pregnancy: What You Can Do to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

There are many unfortunate couples among us who have not been blessed with children. Health issues of both men and women do have a serious impact on pregnancy. For some people getting pregnant is very simple but there are many who have been trying very hard to get pregnant. There are many natural ways that you could choose for in order to improve the chances of getting pregnant.

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So let’s take a look at what you can do:

The first thing that you would have to make yourselves understand is the working of reproductive cycle. This will help you in understanding which is the period most fertile for achieving success in getting pregnant. In a reproductive cycle, an egg is released from ovary which can help in fertilization. This is the time that you should find yourselves time for sexual intercourse so as to increase the chances for pregnancy.

Proper Timing of Sexual Intercourse

Assume that your menstrual cycle is regular with 28 days. The release of the egg in the ovaries will start 14 days after the start of your last period. This is the best time to have sex and increase your chances of getting pregnant. If the menstrual cycle is not regular then you cannot say when is the proper time to do sex and increase the chances of pregnancy.

Maintaining Proper Weight

The weight of your body is one of the main factors that determine the chances of getting pregnant. Many people will not believe this fact that an increase in weight will damage to a large extend their chances of getting pregnant. Being overweight can cause problems in your ovulation and it may even lead to infertility. Even if you are underweight, menstrual cycle may turn irregular thereby affecting your pregnancy chances.

Lifestyle Related Problems

It is always advisable that you take in healthy food so as to keep the balance of your body and make it healthy. You should not only concentrate on not increasing weights for your body but necessary steps should be taken so that there is no lack of nutrition in your body. A healthy body will maximize your chances of fertility. Today we do find that a lot of couples are struggling to give birth to a child due to one reason or the other. This is mainly due to the lifestyle related problems such as smoking and drinking alcohol which can reduce the chances of getting pregnant

Choosing a Sex Position

You may not believe this but the position that we took in sex is one of the major factors influencing pregnancy. If we adopt a sex position with women on top, then the chances of getting pregnant are less as it would be very hard for the human sperm to travel to the cervix. You should find suitable sex positions which would give you the maximum sexual pleasure as well as increases the chances of pregnancy.

Don’t give up and best of luck.

About the author: Abortion Clinic. Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women’s Center in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women, including abortion clinic, physical examinations, family planning, counseling, laboratory services and sexually transmitted disease screening and counseling.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Does this increase your chances of getting pregnant?
    Does taking a prenatal vitamin before you get pregnant increase your chances of getting pregnant? Please no rude comments! Thanks!
    Is there any food or over the counter supplement I could get to increase my chances?
    what are Instead cups? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      YES. it does i did it as told to do so & i ended up getting pregnant with twins.
    Does taking pre-natal vitamins before you are pregnant increase your chances of getting pregnant?
    It may sound silly but I have heard that it helps to get pregnant. If it doesnt help, does it have any negative effects on my body to take them without a pregnancy? Thank you for your advice!

    • ANSWER:
      You need to be taking a prental vitamin while TTC. They are not all pricey. I buy a generic band. It is essential that you have the nutrients needed to sustain pregnancy BEFORE conception occurs.

      With that being said, many people have said that they don’t helpyou GET pregnant, they just help ou have a healthy baby. I myself believe that they do, in fact, help you get pregnant. Vitamins make you healthier. If you are healthier, your reproductive system is healthier. perm can’t live in a hostile vagina, only a fertile one.

    Can certain foods really increase your chances of getting pregnant?
    I heard that eating mostly fruits and vegetables can increase your chances of getting pregnant by a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      yes, eating vegetables and fruits can increase your chance of getting pregnant …..
    Does taking Folic Acid increase your chances of getting pregnant?
    I’v started taking Folic Acid because i thought it would increase my chances of getting pregnant, it’s called ” Mum and Bump” does that increase your chances of getting pregnant and by how much if it does?

    • ANSWER:
    will having sex right before sleep increase your chances of getting pregnant?
    When TTC i know that after having sex you should lay down for about 10 min. Will having sex right before sleep (without having to stand up and walk) increase your chances of getting pregnant? I dont know if it makes sence but i thought if i sleep through the night with the sperm inside there would be a greater possibility of getting pregnant….? Please correct me if i’m wrong, and sugest other methods.

    • ANSWER:
      Should I stay lying down afterwards?

      Some experts also believe that you can boost your chances of conceiving by staying in bed for up to half an hour after having sex, preferably on your back with your hips raised on a pillow. In theory, this gives the sperm a helping hand because they’re not having to swim against gravity on their way up to your fallopian tubes. (This obviously isn’t a good idea if you’re prone to urinary tract infections and have been advised by your doctor to go to the loo immediately after sex.)

      Another trick that some women swear by is lying on your back and “bicycling” in the air with your legs for a few minutes after sex. If nothing else it should give you and your partner a good giggle – and what could be more conducive to successful baby-making than having fun in bed!


How To Get Pregnant Easy

What Does Campylobacter Jejuni Need To Thrive

Issues With Conceiving A Baby: Discussing Tests For Infertility In Adult Males

Issues With Conceiving A Baby: Discussing Tests For Infertility In Adult Males

Conceiving a baby may be an uncomplicated task for some married couples but this is usually genuinely difficult for a couple of. Complications with achieving pregnancy are primarily rooted to infertility. This condition can either be present in gentlemen or ladies. Nonetheless, research have shown that males have higher infertility incidence rates.

If you and your man happen to be going via the approach of conceiving a baby for some time now but you nonetheless haven’t viewed any results float up, then you need to have to commence checking yourselves rather than performing a guessing game and waiting and waiting for your luck to go up. When a couple is having troubles with getting pregnant with a baby boy or girl, a few physiological situations must be checked or evaluated before much more intensive exams could be done.

Fertility essentially involves 3 main elements namely open fallopian tubes, typical ovulation, and also a very good sperm depend. Among these 3 aspects, sperm is the easiest one to test for concerning the cause that it really is simply accessible. With this given simple fact, screening for infertility complications begins with sperm. Even so, this must not be the only test to get carried out when males are evaluated. Instead, a by way of exam should be performed in order to rule out different obvious physical defects with the male reproductive system and any hormonal deficiencies. Once these variables are crossed out, the analysis of your semen is usually used to aid physicians to diagnose a patient of various possible difficulties that may perhaps be the ones causing his infertility. When semen is examined or analyzed, sperm depend is just of your things that have to have to become checked. The overall high quality of sperm wants to become checked in order to figure out the principal trouble preventing pregnancy from taking place. The different elements that need to have to become examined during sperm analysis consist of rely, concentration, morphology, motility, velocity, and viability. All of these elements should be of regular level in order to clear out diagnoses of infertility becoming brought about by troubles inside the sperm of gentlemen. Primarily based on this fact, fertility in adult males ought to by no means be primarily based solely on sperm rely but relatively on all with the elements that I’ve stated above. Even though a man can have a beneficial sperm rely, he can nonetheless be labeled infertile if he has issues with the other elements such as, if his sperm cells are not equipped using the capability to penetrate the egg or ovum successfully, conception still won’t be achieved.

As well as testing the fundamental aspects related to sperm cells, a chromosomal evaluation must also be done. This has been deemed as a necessity lately simply because a good deal of studies have shown microdeletions of the Y chromosomes. The latter are regarded as as critical genes necessary for sperm production. After screening for microdeletions, further assessments involving analysis of other genetic components may also be carried out if a physician sees this to get essential. Genetic components or ailments which are noticed as causes of infertility incorporate polycystic kidney disease and cystic fibrosis.

About the Author:
Do you need to read more discussions on infertility and recommendations about <a href=”;>conceiving a baby</a> that may well support you boost your chances on finding pregnant? Then, drop by this page and discover diverse beneficial ideas which will permit you to enhance your conception success rates to a huge extent.


Frequently Asked Questions

    How to get pregnant easy?
    My husband & me have been trying to get pregnant I am wondering what would be the best way so that I can get pregnant. I really want a kid & so does my husband. We have been trying for over a year now & still nothing.
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      When you say that you’ve been trying, have you just been having a lot of sex?Have you tried tracking ovulation, temps, mucus, things like that? I guess I get pregnant fairly easily. I went off the pill, used ovulation predictor kits, an online ovulation calendar and had sex a few days before ovulation and the day that I saw the egg white mucus and that’s all that it took for me. I was pregnant in the first month with #3.

      If you’ve tried everything above, call a doc to make sure that you and hubby have no fertility issues and go from there.

      Good luck!

    i need help please!!! how can i get my girlfriend pregnant easy!!?
    how can i get my girlfriend pregnant easy ? we been together for a year and we want to have a baby but we been having sex most of the time but she havent get pregnant and we dont know why so maybe yall can give me some tips of how can i get her pregnant easy!!!

    • ANSWER:
      if it was easy to get pregnant then noone would be trying to concieve! it takes some ppl without fertility issues up to a year. Have u been figuring out when she is ovulating and not having sex more than once in 24 hours? If u do it more than that then sperm dont have time to mature.
    thoughts on how some women get pregnant easier than others?
    i was wondering how do some husband/wife, women,
    get pregnant so easy?
    like right after they have one baby another one is on the way a couple months later.
    cause here me and my husband are trying to conceive and it seems like alot of people around us are getting pregnant without even trying.
    it’s really discouraging :(
    any thoughts?
    we already have a 3 year old and are ready and waiting for another baby

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, I believe there are a few things that make some women more likely to get pregnant then others.1- The man’s sperm count
      2- Lack of consistent ovulation/low hormone levels (which a fertility specialist can help to regulate)
      3- The chemical make up of the fluids inside a woman’s vagina. Some women’s body chemistry is more acidic, others is more basic. Extreme variations can actually create a hostile environment for sperm! (again these things can be balanced with the help of a fertility specialist)

      I am lucky enough to be a woman who is easily impregnated (lol) but my good friend has been struggling with conception for YEARS. It was very hard for her when she found out I was expect my second. However, she started seeing a fertility doctor (hers was an ovulation problem) he put her on a pill to stimulate ovulation…and today she is three months pregnant!!

      Don’t give up hope, it takes most couples between 6 and 12 months to conceive! And there are tools and specialists available to assist you if need be!

      Try to relax, have sex every other day (or every three days) to increase your chances of having sex during ovulation. Don’t get up immediately following sex, get a good amount of sleep and eat a healthy diet!

      Happy baby making!!

    I have PCOS but got pregnant easy why?
    Ive had PCOS since i was 20Had irregular periods, at first it was every 3 months but then last year i was going without a period for over 10 months,doctors said i am probably not ovulating since i havent had a period for so long

    i finally got a period last october & november, and never got one again after that,

    i did a test 2 days ago because of the classic signs and its positive

    Ive been told it would be hard for me to get pregnant because of the cysts on my ovaries & just having PCOS overall, how was it easy?
    were the doctors wrong?

    Ive heard of many women not able to get pregnant easy with this and other similar cases, i really feel for them because i dont think i did anything different, i wish it was easy for them

    I am very shocked that it has happened, and somehow the timing was right, im excited but nervous as id be about only 6 weeks…

    I thought i would have to be using IVF one day for this,

    i didnt think i could naturally,without a period for 10 months then randomly it came for 2 months :|,

    so to anyone who has PCOS out there, there is hope, it can happen, i knew that it could but i never believed it
    Thanks :) congrats to you on your pregnancies too!! i wish you well :)

    I havent exactly been trying for 2 years, but i had been wanting this for the past year, i have had alot of sex with my boyfriend, the past 5 months,

    im 23 now, so its been 3 yrs since i was first told of this, so your probably right about taking awhile, thanks so much!! good luck

    • ANSWER:
      If you had been actively trying for the last two years, then you wouldn’t say it was ‘easy’. You were just lucky that you had unprotected sex at the right time :)I was TTC for 2yrs with PCOS though i didn’t know i had PCOS until after 20 months of trying. I got pregnant after losing 10kgs, and taking metformin for 3 months- and I was still SO shocked! I had given up hope that we would do it with out drugs etc.

      So for me, once i had the proper diagnosis and care/treatment, it WAS easy. We are the lucky ones.

      Gratz on your pregnancy! :D We get pregnant when we’re meant to, so just go with it. lol.

    Any tips to get pregnant easy!?
    My best friend has been wit her husband for 2 yrs and shes desperate to have babys but no luck yet.. before she goes to doctors and does the whole process she wants to knw if theres any tips on how to ovulate more and have more chances of having a baby..

    • ANSWER:


What Days Can I Get Pregnant

how many days after ovulation can you get pregnant - Fashion Resources ...

How Can I Tell The Best Days To Get Pregnant?

The guide will show you an exact method for finding out your ovulation period and thereby enable you to learn your fertile time of the month. This e-book should enable you to figure out when you are ovulating providing you with a window in which you can have intercourse. A lot of non-natural methods for determining your ovulation period simply do not work.

The guide will show you an exact method for finding out your ovulation period and thereby enable you to learn your fertile time of the month. Hormonal imbalance is an underlying factor of cycle irregularity and may cause women to not ovulate at all or to skip periods. Being overweight, excessive exercise and high stress levels can also contribute to irregular cycles.

Also, figuring out your most fertile dates will help if you’re trying to get pregnant quickly. About 10 to 15 days after your period begins, you will drop eggs into your uterus. Yeah, that’s right .too much can cause your cervical fluid to dry up, and that can just about ruin your chance of ever getting pregnant. So you must be extremely careful to avoid getting megadoses of Vitamin C (especially during cold and flu season where we’re often advised to load up on vitamin C).

How to get pregnant now Fertile-Focus: A personal ovulation microscope that helps women predict ovulation by examining a sample of saliva. Fertile-Focus works based on a phenomenon called ?ferning,? How to nail the difficult task of determining exactly when you ovulate so you never miss your “fertile window” again? The amazing 2-step shortcut to conceiving your much wanted baby (how to quickly make changes that will optimize your fertility even if you’re not even sure you’re ovulating) How to use ancient Chinese medicine to prime your body for pregnancy. The book in question allows you to exactly determine your ovulating time, so you know exactly when you are most likely to get pregnant.

Finally nailing the difficult task of determining precisely when you ovulate is one of the number one tricks to getting pregnant. Once you know these things you can develop a systemized plan of attack, and the troubles getting pregnant you’ve experienced in the past can be greatly reduced.

Pregnant woman should record and write everything accordance to your own feelings. Remember that every woman is different and the rate at which a fetus develops is varied. If you have been unsuccessful in becoming pregnant, have been diagnosed infertile, or if you are planning ahead to get pregnant, Fertile Path can guide you on your personal path to pregnancy. You, too, can feel the joy of tiny womb movements and the proud elation of childbirth.

Thus, anyone who is facing problems in conceiving should definitely go through the e-book, and uncover the facts and truths that can help an individual to gain pregnancy in an effective and efficient way. Now there is no need to be depressed and frustrated due to the fact of not able to conceive.

Too many of the books focus solely on women fertility, or talk about male fertility as an afterthought. The truth is, though, male fertility is just as important when a couple is trying to succeed. Pouring over books, articles, research papers, and medical reports, researching on the Internet, and consulting with top fertility doctors, Beth stumbled upon an invaluable volume of information that greatly increases one’s chances of getting pregnant. Within two months of implementing some of the techniques she had uncovered, Beth conceived and carried her first baby to term.

This book goes about explaining to couples how to conceive correctly and when exactly and how to have intercourse for maximum results. There are, of course, other books on this subject. But I still have to find one that would impress me so much as this one. The book offers no secrets or previouly unheard of information but it cover in detail everything from eating the right foods to when the righ time to have sex is. How to cope when you don’t become pregnant and much more. Actually, it’s more like a 92-page booklet .

According to the author, it can be read in four extended trips to the john. This book is especially targeted at those people who have tried everything to have a baby and still haven’t been successful. The good thing about this book is that it provides real hope for couples who haven’t had a baby even after years of trying. You’ll find a wide variety of prenatal diet information in books, online, and even from doctors. Some will be good, some advice will be sketchy – it’s often difficult to separate myth from reality.

About the author: Summer Madison is a expert article writer for goarticles,hubpages,ezine,squiddo, articlesfactory, and article base.


Frequently Asked Questions

    32 weeks and 3 days pregnant does anybody else experience this?
    I am 32 weeks and 3 days and for the past few days i have been out of breath and can’t seem to eat much. I get really hungry but when i go to eat i can only manage a few mouth fulls. Then i get full of wind and keep passing it and then my tummy hurts with what i think is indigestion. Has anybody experienced this and what can i do to eat.

    • ANSWER:
      this is completely normal – believe me!!

      the reason you can’t eat as much now is because your uterus is pushing up against your stomach thus making it smaller!
      the reason you can’t breath properly is due to the same reason – your uterus is pushing against your diaphragm!

      you can still eat normally but wat smaller, more frequent meals during the day! so instead of 3 big meals – eat 5 smaller meals!!

      As for your tummy hurting – I don’t know what could cause this — it could be braxton hicks but perhaps ask your GP about it at your next check-up!!

    Other ways to get calcium besides milk the thought of milk makes me nauseous? 5 weeks 4 days pregnant?
    ice cream makes me gag, yogurt is just unacceptable to me right now. I don’t know what else i can do i prenatal vitamins do not provide calcium?

    • ANSWER:
      Drink the fortified Orange Juice. You get calcium, vitamin d and vitamin c plus folic acid. All very good in pregnancy. Just make sure it says it has calcium on it.
    21 weeks 2 days pregnant am i out of the miscarrage stage?
    i am 21 weeks and 2 days and i have a bicornial uterus and i tend to get VERY stressed out. can i still loose my baby. This is my first pregnancy and i am freakin out. And this may sound dumb, but if i was to go into labor now at 21 weeks (since i have a bicornial uterus) would my baby live?? If not how many weeks would i have to be in order for it to live?&&&& what can i do to relieve stress

    • ANSWER:
      The earliest a baby can live outside the womb is 23 weeks.
    16 weeks and 4 days pregnant and already having difficulties with getting comfortable?
    Like I go to sit down or lay down and I get pains and cramps everywhere and it seems like no matter what I do it dosent help besides when I sit in the recliner!
    Do you have any ideas on what I can do to get comfortable?

    • ANSWER:
      This sounds like what I get, Round ligament pain. Fortunately, it’s normal specially in the second trimester.

      Which I just entered.

      Tylenol is a godsend, and basically the only thing you can take for it. I know when changing positions/etc or even walking seemed like it was stretching and felt uncomfortable.

      Ever since I could recognize the problem, and take tylenol it’ll make you feel better for hours.

    What is it like to have a 4d ultrasound at 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant?
    Im getting one tomarrow and im really excited i cant wait! Can u see alot? Does anyone have pictures to share? thanks xoxo

    • ANSWER:
      actually I’ve gone for 4D Ultra in two different countries and they both said (one being Canada) that the best time for a 4D is after 28 weeks… because they’re almost done developing and the images are clearly of a baby and look almost like a newborn but inside the womb… i had bad luck with my babygirl she was facing backwards with her spine facing my bellybotton and i never got to see her face… she then miraculously turned head down before birth!! what are the odds!!
      good luck! hopefully ou will see it… and know gender. ask for photos or video


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