Best Day To Conceive A Girl

What Are The Best Days In My Cycle To Get Pregnant With A Girl Baby?

Most women have heard or know that there are days for conception during the month that are more likely to produce a girl baby or a boy baby. But, not every one knows which days fall at which times and how to determine these unique days for you. The truth is, these “optimal” days are going to be different or are going to vary for each person. What is the right day for your best friend may be totally wrong for you or may yield you a boy rather than a girl. So, in the following article, I will go over how to determine your own individual optimal day for a girl conception.

The Menstrual Cycle Versus The Fertility And Ovulation Cycle: Sometimes when women ask me to help them determine the best conception time in their “cycle,” they are actually talking about their menstrual cycle. Although the timing of when your period starts and ends does offer clues about your ovulation date, it really doesn’t have a direct effect on conception. Basically, for most women, ovulation occurs somewhere between 10 -20 days after your period ends. Now, most women assume that days 14 – 15 (after menstruation) are your best days for fertility. This is sometimes the case for some women. But, as I said, this can vary by quite a bit. And, this can also varyfrom month to month. So, I highly recommend using ovulation predictors so that you aren’t relying on guesses or hopes. There’s no real good reason to guess when ovulation predictors have become so inexpensive and reliable.

Why The Ovulation Day May Not Be The Optimal Day For A Girl Conception: Many people will try to determine their ovulation day and then have sex as many times around that one day as they can. I do understand this. The fertility day is when your egg is most viable and healthy. And, by having intercourse on that day you are also ensuring that the father-to-be’s sperm is also new and healthy. Because both egg and sperm deteriorate and eventually die off after release,this method most certainly makes sense.

However, if you are hoping for a girl baby, you need to embrace the fact that the boy sperm actually have an advantage the closer toovulation day that conception occurs. The sperm that produce a boy (called the Y) are comparatively shorter in life span. They live anywhere from 48 -72 hoursless than the X or girl producing sperm. So, one thing that you can do to help the girl sperm to be represented in much larger numbers is to conceive earlier than the actual ovulation day.

This can make gettingdaughter just slightly trickier because it can be a little more challenging to pinpoint that day that occurs 3 – 4 days before ovulation, especially since those predictors that I talked about will generally give you a positive on the actual day that the egg is ready. The way around this can be using a predictor that tests saliva rather than urine.

Upping The Odds Even More:One other part of your plan should be raising your PH. Because one other thing that is going to discourage the Y sperm is a high acidity. While a low PH is neutral to these male producing guys, a high PH is most definitely destructive. You can raise this by food, by douche, or by using both.

One more variable is sexual or intercourse positions. Knowing what you now know about the stronger X sperm, you probably now understand that you’d want to use shallow penetration since the X’s live long enough for this while (if you are doing everything correctly) the Y’s do not.

Conceive A Girl is a website I put together to offer step by step instructions, hints, tips, and resources for couples wishing to conceive a baby girl. You’ll find resources for douche recipes and food lists, as well as ovulation predictors and PH test strips. Take a look if you like at

About the author: Sandy Dean’s websites are at conceiving a boy)

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Frequently Asked Questions

    i ovulate on day 19-20 in a 28 day cycle what day is best to conceive a girl i have 3 boys nd would luv a girl?

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    • ANSWER:
      I have heard two things, one; the man carries the baby sex in the sperm. Two; that sciencetifically speaking yes, there is a way to ask the stork for a baby girl. Honestly who knows, there are some girls that say they used the “chinese calendar” and it worked, there is also a website called that tells you your best days to conceive a girl or boy.

      I’m not sure that I beleive any but I guess you can try it… I wish you luck.

    When’s the best day that’s very fertile to conceive for a boy?
    Some websites list fertile days to conceive a girl or boy
    Me and my boyfriend would like to have a son first. I personally am afraid of having a girl.
    Last period: 9/19/10
    Next expected: 10/24/10

    • ANSWER:
      “Male” sperm swim faster than “female” sperm. Supposedly if you are trying for a boy you should avoid sex until the DAY that you are supposed to ovulate. This way there is no sperm already waiting around the egg and the male sperm have more of a chance to make it their more quickly than the female. Likewise the opposite is true, if you are trying for a girl you should have sex 2 days before and the day before you are supposed to ovulate to give the female sperm more time to reach the fallopian tubes. Although this may slightly increase your chance, it’s not fool proof. I don’t usually believe in these things, but I asked a lot of my friends on FB for their opinion. I had 2 boys and it predicted both right and I asked 26 people and it was correct on 20 of them. Go go google and type in “chinese gender predictor” go to the website that is the “labor of love” choice and scroll down a little, and the first one is a “predictor” you put in your birthday and the date of conception and it will tell you what it predicts! Silly i know, but worth a shot! According to you will ovulate around the 14th of November. Go buy ovulation predictor tests at the dollar store, take them starting around the 9th until you get a positive. When you get a positive you should have sex the next day (to increase the likelyhood of a girl) Good luck!
      And to the poster above, if you’re going to quote percentages, get them right. about 52% of babies are boys.

    when are the best days for conceiving a girl?
    heres the thing, my husband has 2 boys, one with me and the oldest one with another baby momma. We planning to have another child, but we want a girl, and i dont know if theres like an specific day i should have sex if i want to conceive a girl or if it only happen if you have that luck..,

    • ANSWER:

      layla is right. here is a website that helps me<3

    how can I use the ovulation test to conceive a girl?
    I am trying to get pregnant and I would like to have a girl, so can I use the ovulation test kit in order to know when is the best day to have a girl?I know that in order to conceive a girl, intercourse should be few days before ovulation because female sperms live longer. Also, what is the best ovulation test kit for this poupose?

    • ANSWER:
      An OPK will only help you to know your pattern of when you ovulate. If you use an OPK and the test is positive and you have sex, you may be increasing your chance of a boy. But if you tend to ovulate around the same day of each cycle, then you can plan to have sex the days before ovulation, but abstaining on your peak fertility day. The female sperm are stronger and they live longer, so that’s why this method helps to ensure a girl. When women go through ivf or take fertility drugs, their chances of a girl can increase, again having to do with the strength of the “female” sperm. But the male sperm swim faster and can make it to the egg quicker when you are actually ovulating. Good luck!

    best days to conceive?
    My boyfriend and I are trying to conceive, but the timing is never right. My periods tend to come around the 24th-27th, and they last 5 days.When would my most fertle days be?And does anyone know my best day for conceiving a girl?
    also is it a good idea to have sex every two days when trying to conceive? Thanks.
    Is it good to have sex every

    • ANSWER:
      Have sex every other day during your fertile week to maximise your chances try this to work out when you are most fertile and try using opk’s too

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