Chances Of Getting Pregnant After 50

 ... chance of miscarriage which rises to 50 per cent in those aged 45

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant – 11 Effective Infertility Cure Tips

It’s a very popular question asked by most people on the internet, and in our communities:how to increase your chances of getting pregnant? What are the best infertility cure tips you can find out there to help women get pregnant naturally and fast?

Well, as you might already know, this question is not so easy to find an answer to. However, in this article I’ll try to discuses some few points which can go a long way to enabling you have the joy of finally getting pregnant and then giving birth to your own health kid.


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1- Learn relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation and practice it twice a day for 20 minutes: If you want to start increasing your chances of getting pregnant, then one of the fist things you should do is to avoid stress as much as possible. So learning some relation techniques and stress reduction methods will be of great help.

2- Determine your body fat percentage: Having too much or too little body fat can hinder conception to a greater extent. If you determine your body fat, then you can try increasing or reducing it with dietary options.

3- Favor foods that are believed to boost fertility: If you really want to learn How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant, then you should be ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes to make that happen. As far as diet is concerned, it has been proven that plant based potent like beans and nuts should be favored over animal based protein such as meat. Eat organic veritable when possible. Pesticides can affect hormone balance which interns affects fertility.

4- Limit your alcohol consumption: A major Danish study shows that having just 5 drinks a week can significantly reduce fertility in women.

5- You no doubt have already heard about this one, but it is always worth repeating: stop smoking. Smoking greatly lowers the odds of getting pregnant.

6- Reduce your caffeine intake or consider eliminating it all together. This will no doubt help improve your chances to getting pregnant.

7- Don’t use an electric blanket. It has been associated with miscarriages in women during the first month of pregnancy.

8- Exercise yourself for at least 30 minutes every day: research has show that daily exercise can help women conceive, probably by making hormone levels more conducive to procreation.

9 – Limit your use of over the counter pain mediation which can interfere with ovulation

10 – Have lots of sex and even more sex in the winters: because that is when sperm counts are highest.

11- If you want to learn more advance infertility cure tips and tips on how to increase you chances of getting pregnant, then you should try out some of these infertility cure guides being sold on the internet. One of the best you can get is this one by Lisa Olson called The Pregnancy Miracle Guide.

Click here: The Pregnancy Miracle Review, to read more infertility cure tips in this natural infertility cure guide. Effective tips which can greatly increase you chances of naturally conceiving and giving birth to your own healthy kid. Wish you the very best!

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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. QUESTION:what is the chance of getting pregnant after having un-protected sex?
    not that this has anything to do with my personal life, im just curious cause my friend said it was fifty percent.
    thats complete bullshiit, right? its more like, 1 in 50 or one hundred, right?

    • ANSWER:It completely depends on when you have unprotected sex, you menstrual cycle and the sperm. It varies at all times of the month but if she doesn’t want to have sex then she shouldnt be having unprotected sex.
  2. QUESTION:chances of getting pregnant if he came unside?
    me and my bf had sex the last 2 nights in a raw without protection, and he came inside alot both times. im really thinking about taking the 5 day after pill, on monday…
    i used to get my period but i dont anymore for a good 7 months now, so how do i know when im ovulating??!?!also what are the chances of getting pregnant
    ? 50/50?

    thanks for help.
    should i wait 3 weeks and test?
    or should i take the 5 day after pill monday just to make sure???[[ after all you can only use it 2 a year, but i think i learned from my mistake…]]

    • ANSWER:It’s 25% per cycle I think.
  3. QUESTION:Seriously, what are chances of getting pregnant if the girl is on depo and the guy used a condom + precame?
    She only had sex once, and took two NEGATIVE tests after a missed period. So people who are saying it’s 50/50 don’t bother answering because that’s completely false, I even know that. I just want to know the truth.

    • ANSWER:i asked the nurse about the depo and she advised me that as long as you are up to date with your injections there is no chance of getting pregnant though you can miss periods or bleed for long periods when you get your first one or two injections
  4. QUESTION:What are the chances of getting pregnant..?
    right after your period? I know you aren’t ovulating at that time, so is it slim-to-none, 50/50?

    • ANSWER:yes very slim……
  5. QUESTION:Honestly, what are chances of getting pregnant on depo if girl had sex once and guy wore condom + precame?
    She took two NEGATIVE tests after a missed period. So people who are saying it’s 50/50 don’t bother answering because that’s completely false, I even know that. I just want to know the truth.

    • ANSWER:If the precum came before he the condom was put on and touched her than yes she has a good chance of being pregnant. If not and the condom was used correctly she has a 2% chance of becoming pregnant.The two negatives could be false. It has happened to other women(false negatives and false positives).So if she misses yet another period she should get another test and/or visit a doctors office where they could give her a blood test which is more accurate.

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