Chances Of Getting Pregnant At 46

When Do You Have Your Best Chances of Getting Pregnant? – Getting Pregnant Tips

There are a number of ways to be able to determine When Do You Have Your Best Chances of Getting Pregnant. One of these is by simply paying a visit to your medical provider. A gynecologist will be able to explain to you your ovulation and the days when you are most fertile and ready for conception. They will also be able to give you a good idea on what you should do to further increase your chances.

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Your present lifestyle choices and physical well being is a great determining factor on When Do You Have Your Best Chances of Getting Pregnant . One reason for this is that if your body is not in an ideal state, the chances may keep on decreasing without you noticing. However, for some women who get pregnant even when they suffer from a number of conditions, there is always the higher risks of complications to the pregnancy and the baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the chances of getting pregnant at 46?
    My doc took me off birth control 2 years ago , ive been sweating it since. I m pretty healty i take no med. but my husband take lots of med for bad back and B.P. and he also smokes weed. Should i get my tubes tied this late?Its like we dont do it all the time couple times a month mabey and its quick if u knowwhat i mean. My periods are already irr.since i been off BC. SO every month its like could i be pregnant of just start of menopause. Some times i feel im going to start my period then nothing happens.Also my husband cant use rubbers. so ????
    If your still menstruating it’s 100% possible.
    I had my 1st child at 35, my 2nd son at 41 both with no problems getting pregnant. Can I have another at 46?
    Both children were born healthy and I am healthy as well. Both pregnancies were achieved quickly and naturally without IVF etc. What are the chances of my becoming pregnant again at 46 without (or with if necessary IVF)? Has anyone out there had a baby at my age? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want a child with Down’s Syndrome or any other birth defect go for it. Just keep in mind that your 50’s is when people start getting debilitating health problems that make it hard to care for young children.
    I am seeing an older woman from work. Could I get her pregnant at 46?
    I am 19 and currently seeing an older woman from work. She is 46, divorced and has a daughter aged 22. Its all very casual but she is a little intense as we had sex on our second meeting and have done so regularly since then. I have asked Carole if she is on the pill or if I need to use condoms as we have so far used neither. She insists that there is almost no chance of her becoming pregnant at 46 and that I should forget about it. I really like her as she is very attractive. I don’t have much experience in this area having only had one other sexual experience before this but don’t particularly want to end up making her pregnant. She tends to dismiss it when I bring it up and tells me to just enjoy it. Am I worrying needlessly?
    I saw Carole again last night and asked her about using the pill or condoms. She told me the pill reacted badly with her and that condoms didn’t ‘feel right’. She assured me that regardless of how many times we did it she almost certainly wouldn’t get pregnant. She laughed and said ‘Maybe you would have to ask me to marry you!’ which I found
    an odd thing to say. She then said it only ever happens to younger girls. We ended up having sex again and I felt okay about it. Maybe she is right. Its her body so she ought to know, yes?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, she absolutely could become pregnant…46 is a bit early to have completed menopause and until she’s through that, she’s capable of becoming pregnant (probably until some time in her 50s) unless she’s had her tubes tied or had a hysterectomy…I’ve known of several women over the years who had ‘change of life babies’ (got pregnant when going through menopause)…I’m 45 and would never consider playin’ around with a guy w/o using condoms…you two are just playing Russian Roulette…you ready to be a daddy dear???Don’t let her dismiss it again…ask her pointedly why she feels she cannot become pregnant and if it’s not because she’s medically infertile, then it’s up to you to continue taking the risk…
    shouldi get pregnant at 46?
    my husband is 25 years old we have had recent talks about making a child. i never had the chance to have a kid at a younger age because i didn’t want one….now i do, at my age can i get pregnant because i hope its not late,it may sound weird to you all for a 46 year old to be impregnated by a 25 year old but we talked it out and we are comfortable to have sex for the purpose of having a kid, its just a question of can i get pregnant, sure i may be 66 when my son/daughter goes to college but at least i will leave a piece of me behind when i pass away i just want your general input on this
    sorry this account is controlled by two people no trolls on this page…

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    • ANSWER:
      Sure a woman could have a baby at 46 but is that fair to the child?
      Everyone will assume your grandma.
      What middle schooler/high schooler wants a mom in their 60s?My mom is only 62 now and has 5 grandkids, two that are in highschool. It just doesn’t seem right to me.
    Dog is 46 days pregnant ?
    I have a standard female and male dachshund that tied up 1 time on the 18th of March. She is for sure pregnant “vet confirmed”, and has started scratching and bunching up her bedding in the kennel that she shares with our male. I have put together a whelping box, and have moved her into the box last night. When I woke up this morning she was still sleeping in the box, but had the sheet bunched up to one side, and was sleeping on just a single layer. Off and on today she has gone into the box, and started moving the sheet around. I plan to put newspaper in the box when it comes time to deliver to insure the box itself doesn’t get to nasty during the whole process. I have my warming box in the garage waiting for the day. That away the puppies stay warm as the mother is whelping, and focusing on the puppy she is about to birth. Is there anything I am forgetting?? This wasn’t a planned pregnancy for our female. It was a momentary laps of judgment on my part. I let the male out while trying to get the female in and it happened within seconds of trying. It only happened the one time, and after this there will not be another chance of it happening again. Male is getting fixed in a couple of weeks. Another thing I have increased her food by a half a cup is this to much at this stage of the pregnancy or do I need to add more? She has been switched to the purina puppy chow, and is eating it like crazy. The vet said by the time she is 50-55 days she should be eating double the amount she was eating prior to getting pregnant. That seems like a lot to me, but I will follow the directions given to me. I am looking forward to the puppies arrivals, but worried my female dachshund will have problems. “the vet will be on standby through out the whole delivery” If you have anything to share, or if I am doing something wrong please help me. And please no negative remarks. Spaying is out of the question. After a female dog has become pregnant if you spay they run a higher chance of developing cancer. Hints the reason our male is getting fixed and not our female.. Thanks to ALL in advance…
    It’s not uterine cancer the vet said she could get it’s mammary cancer.. I am well aware of the fact if you remove the uterus you remove the uterus. I myself had a hysterectomy at the age of 24!! I talked to the vet and was trying to set up an appoinment to get her spayed after she had the pups. The vet is the one that told me of the higher chance of mammary cancer.
    I’m not trying to be some backyard breeder this was an accident, and everyone knows accidents do happen.

    • ANSWER:
      Because the puppies are taking up a lot of room in her, its much too comfortable to be eating large meals. By this stage, my b1tches were on self-feed, so they can eat as much as they want, when they want.You’ll want towels, sharp scissors and dental floss (for cutting & tying cords), a scale to weigh the puppies, a syringe if you need to suck out mouths/noses. I’d also re-think the idea of moving the puppies that are already whelped. Unless she’s in distress or extremely nervous, she’ll freak if you try to move puppies away from her while she’s whelping. A good mother won’t even let you move her newborns more than a few inches away from her to dry them.


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