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Does Your Family History Influence Wheter You'll Conceive A Boy Or A Girl Baby

I often get correspondence from couples who are trying to conceive a boy or a girl baby but who are concerned about their family history getting in the way of this. For example, I sometimes hear from couples who want a daughter but are in a situation where one of them comes from a family of only boys. Or, girls run in the family, but the couple wants a boy baby instead. People often worry that if one gender runs in their family, then they are destined to have the same. I don’t buy these theories at all. I believe that it’s totally possible to influence and hopefully to chose your baby’s gender. I’ll tell you why in the following article.

Why Both The-Mother-To-Be And The Father-To-Be Influence Their Baby’s Gender: Most people have heard that a baby’s gender is determined by the man or father-to-be. And, this is mostly true, but it doesn’t tell the entire story. Yes, which sperm chromosome end up fertilizing the egg determines if you have a boy or a girl. Men contribute both X (girl) and Y (boy) sperm chromosomes. Women contribute only the X’s. If you end up with an XY, then you get a male baby. If you get an XX, then you have a female baby. You can’t determine or control which chromosomes a man releases. However, you can have some control as to how welcoming you make your reproductive tract for each of these sperm chromosomes as they make their way to the egg.

Do Some Men Only Produce Sperm Chromosomes That Result In A Certain Gender? I often have people write me and ask if it’s possible that their husband only produces one of the sperm chromosomes. For example, I’ll sometimes hear from a woman who has only conceived boys say something like “my husband must only produce Y or boy chromosomes or at least he must produce these in greater numbers. Or, I’ll hear things like “the men in my husband’s family must only produce girl producing sperm since they only have daughters.” These are very common perceptions, but clinical studies have indicated that this isn’t likely to be true.

There’s a recent Australian study which tested the sperm of men who had previously produced three babies of the same gender. For example, men in the study had produced at least three girl or three boy babies. The scientists tested the semen to see if the men who had sons would have more Y’s or if the men who fathered girls had more X’s. The study noted that the only difference noted was a difference in the volume of semen. There was no great statistical difference in Y sperm in the men with many sons, nor did the men with many daughter’s have great statistical differences in the amount of X sperm. In the end, the scientists concluded that a family history of sons or daughters can not be explained by the ratio or X and Y sperm chromosomes in the father’s semen.

The Ways That Women And Their Family History Can Influence Baby Gender: Since we’ve looked at the fathers, let’s now also look at the mothers. While the woman doesn’t provide the X and Y sperm, she does provide the reproductive tract and this, in my opinion, can make a big difference. A women with an acidic reproductive tract is said to be more likely to conceive a girl baby. The reason for this is that Y or boy sperm are compromised by an acidic environment but thrive in an alkaline one. So, when women tell me that girls run in their family, I suspect that they might be acidic. When they tell me that their side of the family has boys, then it’s logical to think that the women in the family trend alkaline.

You can easily test this theory with PH litmus strips. If it turns out that I’m right, you can change your PH. If boys run in your family but you want a girl, then you’ll need to become more acidic. If girls run in your family but you want a son, then you’ll likely need to make yourself more alkaline. You can do this with douching, with diet, or with both. You can also tweak your timing and the sexual positions that you use. These are two others things that can also influence baby gender when they are done correctly.

I’ve put together a few websites that take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby’s gender when getting pregnant. You’ll find step by step instructions, resources for determining ovulation times, douche recipes and food PH lists, information on when to conceive, tips, support, and examples of ovulation predictors / PH testing strips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    When to try to conceive a boy based on Chinese calendar? Details below…?

    I was born March 1981. Beginning in early 2011 my hubby and I want to try for a boy. Can someone help my calculate my Chinese age at that time (it’s 29 right now, 28 in the Gregorian calendar) and when to try for a boy in 2011 according to the Chinese Lunar month?

    (most people make their mistakes when they look at the Chinese Gender Predictor and use it according to their Gregorian Calendar age and month of conception rather than calculating their Chinese Lunar Age and Chinese Lunar month of conception)

    • ANSWER:

    Can you have sex on certain days to conceive a boy or girl? Has anyone tried this technique?
    I want to say no, and that it is an ‘old wives tale’ – but I downloaded the iovulate calendar from apple and it has this option – and then I questioned why they had this on there – and now I would like to question whether anyone has tried to have sex on certain days in order to conceive either a boy or a girl.

    • ANSWER:
      i havent tried! but i believe the chinese right on target!

    to conceive a boy, one should try in shukla paksha only?
    pls. let me know, whether it is true, that per hindu calendar one should try InterCourse in shukla paksha only to conceive a boy as . pls. reply me today only.

    • ANSWER:

    Will we have a boy or girl according to the Chinese Calendar?
    My wife and I are trying for a boy after having a daughter. Due to pregnancies issues…my wife has to time conception with medication. We are planned to conceive this Saturday. One Chinese calendar goes by months only (this month is marked in blue indicating “boy”) another Chinese calendar calculator goes by the day and indicates “girl”. Which is correct?

    You tell me…Here’s the info: My wifes age is 30 (by Gregorian Calendar: birth date is Sept. 7, 1977) We are trying to conceive this Saturday, 12/22.

    • ANSWER:
      According to the one I use, (don’t remember the name), but it goes like this…..

      Mother’s Age at Conception: 30

      Month of Conception: 12

      Then you add the two together equalling 42.

      According to this chart, even numbers are girls and odd numbers are boys. ?????

      I don’t know. Personally, I think it is a 50/50 chance and you get what you get because either a girl or boy sperm made it first.

      It is fun to see what you would “possibly” have, however, I am not sure that I would rely entirely on these charts.

      For 00 you can do sperm picks. With this, they take all the girl and all the boys sperms, separate them and inseminate them that way. By doing this, you better your chances of getting what you want, but it is not 100 % proven and it is very costly.

      Good luck on Saturday!! Husband and I are doing IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) in January if we don’t conceive this month and we are hoping for a girl.

      Lots of Baby Dust and Baby Sticky Glue to you and your wife.

      God Bless!!

    Anyone have any experience with trying to conceive a specific gender?
    My husband and I would really love to have a boy after having our daughter. Ive been suckered in to the online Old Wives Tales about conceiving a boy- guaifinecin 5 days before ovulation, evening primrose oil tablets, eating salty foods, etc. Anyone have any experience with trying to conceive a specific gender?I checked out that chinese lunar calendar but it was inaccurate with my first baby. Thanks for any input!!

    • ANSWER:

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