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The other day, I received an email from a woman who told me that she was wanting to conceive a baby girl and she had a few questions about how to best accomplish this. Specifically, she wanted to know “the best ovulation days toget agirl baby.” My response was to tell her that, to put it very basically, she had to figure out her exact ovulation day and then count back three days from there. She had some more questions like: “how many days after my menstruation cycle doesthis occur?;” “How do I know when my ovulation day is?;” and “how will I know that I’ve actually ovulated?” I’ll try to answer these questions in the following article.

Ovulation In Relation To Your Menstrual Cycle: Many women ovulate mid way through their menstrual cycle. So, if you are extremely regular and have a 28 day cycle,the egg’s releasewould occur somewhere around day 14. But, this is not always the case for all women. In fact, it’s very common to vary somewhat from month to month. This is why I really prefer to use predictors that measure your bodily fluids (saliva, blood, or urine) to tell you when the hormonal changes occur that give you some warning.

From my own experience, a saliva kit showed me that I was actually ovulating very late in my cycle – sometimes as late as day 23, but I’ve had readers tell me that theybecome readyas early as day 10. So, it’s very important that you find your own unique cycle and you understand that what happens one month may not be a carbon copy of what happened the previous month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    When would we need to stop having sex in order to conceive a girl?
    me and my bf been trying for a yr to get pregnant,we both just had fertility tests done and both mine and his test are normal. my ob/gyn told us we can continue trying. we wanna have a girl but are trying to fig out when we should stop having sex. i just got my period on july 10,2011 and my cycle is 30 days. we looked at this ovulation website to help fig out when we should try but its confusing us:

    if we are trying for a girl,when should we stop having sex?

    • ANSWER:

    I need help solving a statistic math problem using a test from my ti 83 Calculator?
    Problem: A clinical trial tests a method designed to increase the probability of conceiving a girl. In the study of 360 babies born, and 324 of them were girls. Use the sample data to construct a 99% confidence interval estimate of the percentage of girls born. Based on the results, does the method appear to be effective?

    Which test do I use on my ti 83 calculator do I use to help me solve this problem?

    Choose the correct answer below.

    A. yes, the proportion of girls is significantly different from 0.5

    B. no, the proportion of girls is not significantly different from 0.5

    • ANSWER:
      Well, basically you want to construct a confidence interval.
      On your calculator, press [STAT], then scroll right to the TESTS menu. Find 1-PropZInt (mine was all the way down at option A:)
      Select it. You will be asked to supply a fee pieces of information
      x: (the # that did something interesting or #events) put 324
      n: (sample size) put 360
      C-Level: (confidence level) put .99
      Then select Calculate.

      The result I got was (.85927, .94073)
      The output screen also shows the sample proportion of 0.9.

      The correct answer is A, yes significantly different from 0.5. Looking at a confidence interval like this is analogous to performing a hypothesis test at alpha = .01. Since the hypothesized proportion (0.5) and the sample proportion (0.9) are sufficiently far away from each other, determined so because 0.5 is NOT in the confidence interval around 0.9, then we can say we found a significant result.

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    does the chinese gender prediction calculator work?
    i have a boy and i want another boy,i have conceived but the calender says its a girl,now i am a bit worried,which calculator is the best?

    • ANSWER:
      It was right with my first son..But this baby it said girl and its a boy. So its just 50/50

    Will we have a boy or girl according to the Chinese Calendar?
    My wife and I are trying for a boy after having a daughter. Due to pregnancies issues…my wife has to time conception with medication. We are planned to conceive this Saturday. One Chinese calendar goes by months only (this month is marked in blue indicating “boy”) another Chinese calendar calculator goes by the day and indicates “girl”. Which is correct?

    You tell me…Here’s the info: My wifes age is 30 (by Gregorian Calendar: birth date is Sept. 7, 1977) We are trying to conceive this Saturday, 12/22.

    • ANSWER:
      According to the one I use, (don’t remember the name), but it goes like this…..

      Mother’s Age at Conception: 30

      Month of Conception: 12

      Then you add the two together equalling 42.

      According to this chart, even numbers are girls and odd numbers are boys. ?????

      I don’t know. Personally, I think it is a 50/50 chance and you get what you get because either a girl or boy sperm made it first.

      It is fun to see what you would “possibly” have, however, I am not sure that I would rely entirely on these charts.

      For 00 you can do sperm picks. With this, they take all the girl and all the boys sperms, separate them and inseminate them that way. By doing this, you better your chances of getting what you want, but it is not 100 % proven and it is very costly.

      Good luck on Saturday!! Husband and I are doing IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) in January if we don’t conceive this month and we are hoping for a girl.

      Lots of Baby Dust and Baby Sticky Glue to you and your wife.

      God Bless!!

    how likely is it that im pregnant?
    I got my Mireina removed on Aug. 3rd my first period was Aug 6th.. I did a ovulation calculator and this is what it said:

    Friday 6th August 2010 – First day of your cycle

    Sunday 15th August 2010 – Best chance of conceiving a girl

    Monday 16th August 2010 – A little bit fertile, best chance of conceiving a girl

    Tuesday 17th August 2010 – Fertile, best chance of conceiving a boy

    Wednesday 18th August 2010 – VERY fertile, best chance of conceiving a boy

    Thursday 19th August 2010 – Time to ovulate

    Sunday 29th August 2010 – A home pregnancy test may work now.

    So anyone with any experience with mireina or know of anyone who is Please help.. I had unprotected sex on everyone of those days and I would really like to know what the Chance that Im pregnant is… My boyfriend and I are trying to conceive and Im really hoping that I am but I need the truth on what the chances are.. I already have a daughter and he was going to be a father at one point.. and now we want to share this bond together… so what do u think?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no “truth” of chances since all women are different. It took us 6 months to get pregnant after the Mirena was removed for me. It’s a hit or miss every month and having more sex is actually counterproductive as the sperm needs a chance to regenerate. Every other day gives you more sperm. I also invested in the Clear plan easy fertility monitor and found out I was ovulating a week after my period, so I was missing it every month. Those ovulation predictor calculators are just generalized based on the info you put in. It’s not an exact reading of when you ovulate. I am the perfect example of that since finding out I ovulated much earlier then I thought. Just a thought for you. Just keep having sex every other day after your period and your chances will be high.

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