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Getting Pregnant at 40? – How to Naturally Get Pregnant Even If You Are 40 or Above

By the time I get married in September 2009, I will be 40 years old. My husband-to-be and I have decided not to actively try to get pregnant until we’re married. I have a 17 year old son, my fiancA has no children. We would like to have a child but aren’t willing to go into the expense of fertility drugs if we find out we cannot conceive on our own. Does anyone have any useful suggestions for getting pregnant at 40?

This is one question we got that only signifies how difficult it usually is to get pregnant as an older woman. Though conceiving at 40 is not that of a strange thing, it is true that most women would need to try much longer and harder to make this a reality to them. Relax, love each other and let nature take its course. If you’re not pregnant in about 6 months, it may be time to talk to a Dr. But as you might need some special help

Have you ever seen The Duggar Family? Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar both had 17 children and one on the way total 18 children she is 41 years old and she still doing fine with pregnancies, Since she is 41 years old she said she still want more kids and is not over, as long you don’t have any health problem then you should be okay to conceive at that age

And also if you are on pills or shots you want to get off them so they have time to get out of your system. Then start to track your cycle. You need to find out if and when you are ovulating. You can do this cheaply if you just get a digital thermometer and take your temp at the same time every day, before you get out of bed. There are other symptoms that you can chart as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What are my chances and risk of getting pregnant at 41 and having the child at 42?
    I’m 41 and want to have a baby. I have two other sons at ages 12 and 15. By already having children is the helping me or hurting me. Please answer.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say, before you start to try , Talk to your doctor. He may want to do some tests to see how healthy you are and explaining your risk before you start. Good Luck to you .

    How hard is it to get pregnant at 41?
    I have had sex with a 40 year old about 6 times this last month is it easy to get pregnant at that age?

    • ANSWER:
      If she didn’t go through menapause and doesn’t have any other issues then It should be fine.

      Although they will watch the pregnancy more…women over 35 get watched cause it’s higher risk for misscarige and the baby has a slightly higher chance of being disformed.

    Getting pregnant at 41 with PCOS?
    My mother had Polycystic ovarian syndrome which has made it extremely difficult for her to concieve a child. She had me at 20 and then tried for a second at 30 but had no luck. The doctor told her that because of the PCOS it was going to be hard for her as her eggs become more and more fragile the older she gets. He did say there was a chance though, so they tried invitro 3 times, all worked but ended in miscarriage. Now, 11 years later her cycle has become more normal than its ever been in her life (she’s never had a normal predictable period) and she takes a pregnancy test and it’s positive. Very positive. Its dark and came up very quick. Now, i’m worried that it’s a false positive or something else like that. I’ve also read that some women can get tumors that can cause a false positive. Anyone know anything ab this? I’m so worried!
    I don’t think they’re “slim to none” for PCOS. The doctor told us there was a chance. I’m wondering how common a dalse positive is. I’ve been reading that they’re pretty rare.
    She is pregnant! Now we just have to wait it out to make sure we don’t miscarry

    • ANSWER:

    Is safe to get pregnant at 41?
    I’m just wondering if its safe to get pregnant at 41? Is it true that chances are your child will have defects?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a higher risk of a baby with birth defects when you are an older mother, but this is something you should discuss with your doctor.

      Our youngest daughter (we have five children) was born when I was 42 and was a contented, easy baby. She is now 12 and is bright, articulate and funny!

    doc please help. my friend wants to divorce how does she know if she is still able to get pregnant at 41?
    My friend never wanted children until she told me she is planning to get a divorce. she is close to my age 41. how can she be sure the baby will be born healthy at her age…she is running out of time then to meet a father to concieve as well??.

    Strange isn’t it that she did not want a baby until she is about to plan to be single again….I think she is going through a passing phase and the desire for a baby will subside. Human nature is a trixter! this is my friend so don’t judge me.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no certainty that anyone will have a perfectly “normal” and “healthy” child no matter the age. But there is a test that helps people to determine if a child is going to be a “healthy normal” child and its call an amniocenteses.
      Also no matter the age not everyone can have children so she should see her gyno.

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