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5 Helpful Hints To Get Pregnant Quickly

You and your partner have made the decision to have a baby. So how do you go from happy couple to parents-to-be quickly? Here are 5 helpful hints to get pregnant quickly.

Talk to the doc- During your pregnancy your Obgyn is your best friend- you will be seeing a lot of this person. Make an appointment to talk to your doctor before you start trying to conceive. They can get you started on a prenatal vitamin, and make sure you are in the best health possible before you get pregnant. Plus they’ll be happy to answer questions you may have about pregnancy and childbirth.

Lots of sex… But not too much– Obviously the most important part of getting pregnant is having unprotected sex to ensure the sperm is ready and waiting to fertilize the egg when you ovulate. But don’t get carried away. Frequent ejaculation can lower sperm count in men (and high sperm count is your friend when it comes to fertilizing an egg). Sperm generally live for about 72 hours. So having sex every 2-3 days helps ensure there is a healthy active supply waiting to fertilize the egg when you ovulate. (This is definitely one of the most fun helpful hints to get pregnant!)

Say bye bye bad stuff- This can be one of the tougher helpful hints to get pregnant quickly, but it’s also one of the most important. Try to cut down (or cut out) the substances that decrease your fertility. Stop using tobacco/nicotine products, they reduce your fertility and are harmful to your soon to be baby. Same goes for any recreational drugs (just say no!). Alcohol and caffeine can also lower your fertility. Try to cut down on both these substances, although small amounts are still fine.

Don’t overdo it- Moderation is key to helping you get pregnant. Being both underweight and overweight can contribute to decreased fertility. In addition over exercising can keep you from ovulating and menstruating. Try to stick to a gentle exercise regime- for example take a 30 minute walk daily. Eating healthy is important too- stick with lean meats, whole grains and fruits and veggies. Try to minimize fatty foods and sweets.

Down with stress- Stress can be an inhibitor to getting pregnant. This can be a major catch 22 when trying to get pregnant. The longer it takes, the more stressed you become. The more stressed you become, the longer it takes. So make a conscious effort to take the stress out of your life and your partner’s. Whether it’s a bubble bath, meditating, going for a walk, weeding your garden, or enjoying a good book, be certain to employ your favorite de-stressing technique regularly!

Employ these 5 helpful hints to get pregnant quickly and you will be giving yourself a jump start to conception!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Trying to get pregnant and wanting to know if there are some vitamins or helpful hints to get pregnant faster?
    Thanks for everyones help!!

    • ANSWER:
      lay on your back when he comes. it will help

    does anyone have helpful hints to help me get pregnant?
    I have endometrosis and i am having a hard time getting pregnant. anyone got any tips for me?

    • ANSWER:
      It will be easier for you once you have a D&C done. I have been through this to. There are treatments and interventions that you can do. There are lots of different levels of severity of endometriosis. The more severe you have it, the less likely you will be successful with pregnancy. I did go to an RE (reproductive endocrinologist). If you go that route they will certainly tell you what you are up against. Good Luck!

    i need some helpful hints on getting pregnant?
    My bf is coming down from the cities tonight we will have 2 days to do the deed. im on fertility drugs and this is my week that im suppose to have intercourse. is there anything i can do to help guide the boys the right way?
    oh btw i only have one why im on the fertility drugs. not stressing about it, but we both want it so bad…..

    • ANSWER:
      After your done stay lying down for about 15 minutes and make sure your bf is on top.

      Good Luck
      Baby dust!

    Trying to get pregnant again. Any helpful hints?
    We’ve been tring for a year and no luck yet. Want to try alternatives before going to doctor. HELP!!!

    • ANSWER:
      wait about a week before you guys do it. make sure he doesn’t ejaculate at all during that week. try to have sex (a lot of sex)when you are ovulating. Have fun, and good luck.

    How can we get pregnant easier? Possible fertility problems….need helpful ideas and hints….please?
    MY fiancee and i are trying to have a baby but so far we havent been successful. Does anyone have any advice or tips on something i could do to maybe speed the process up?

    • ANSWER:
      Are you charting your cycles? OPK, BBT, CM etc??

      Ensure you are having sex the 3 days before ovulation and the day you ovulate.

      Take prenatals, omega 3s, avoid any lubricants (except pre-seed), eat healthy, exercise, no smoking, drinking, cut out junk food (it can delay ovulation)…just the general stuff really.

      70% of couples conceive within 6 months and 85% within one year. 12 months is considered normal for a healthy fertile couple. Just ensure you get your timing right each month (at least twice in the fertile window) and stay positive. Unless you have any issues, it WILL happen. Good luck

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