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Getting Pregnant Faster – Natural Remedies To Help You Get Pregnant

People have been using herbal treatments for centuries. One of the remedies that has been around for a long time is vitex. This plant has been claimed to be a fertility supplement. However, it is still unregulated and there are some quick facts you should know should you be interested in trying this supposed wonder plant for getting pregnant faster.

Vitex comes from central Asia and the Mediterranean. It bears a purple flower and is more commonly known as chasteberry because it was traditionally used for people to remain chaste. Today, in European countries like Germany, it is a licensed drug that is used for the management of PMS in women.

Chasteberry basically takes effect on human hormones, although it is not a hormone itself. It achieves this effect through the stimulation of the pituitary glands. This rebalance of hormones can have a very positive effect on infertile women suffering from hormonal related causes like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It also reduces prolactin production that can be counterproductive to pregnancy in some situations.

The usual dose is around 1 or 2 tablets a day. If you have access to the plant itself, a tea or juice can be prepared from it. To make a tea, place the dried plant in boiling water. The leaves can be taken out since its effects are marginal compared to the herb itself. If you can obtain a liquid extract of the herb, this can also be mixed with water to make a juice. Regular use is suggested for getting pregnant faster.

It is not recommended for women already pregnant as the effects it has on hormones can have a negative impact. Always take a pregnancy test before consuming any chasteberry related products. It also has some side-effects that can occur in some users. Dizziness, abdominal pains, and dryness of the mouth have been reported by some who have used the products.

A study was done by the Department of Gynecology/Obstetrics of Stanford University to determine the effects of an herbal fertility blend that included chasteberry on infertile women. The study resulted in 26% of the women who tested the blend becoming pregnant. .

Hopefully these facts give you some ground to make a decision about going herbal for your infertility woes to hep you in getting pregnant faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    im thirteen and im pregnant. any home remedies to get rid of the baby?
    i don’t want a abortion, because my parents would find out. is there any home remedies to get rid of the baby?

    • ANSWER:
      ahem, i thought you were babysitting your 9 year old neice who drowned!!!!! and i thought you have a stalker-crush who drinks pee outta your toilet….???? flush next time, please ^.^

      no there is not! sorry.

      tell the rents.

      your lucky i am not in a bad mood because as you can see, ===>I get irritated easily..
      i would be so mad at you for posting fake questions!!
      lucky you this question made me laugh!!!.

    what are some home remedies to get pregnant easier?
    me and my boyfriend have been trying for awhile, and it doesn’t seem to be working so i just wanted to know if anyone had any like home remedies or advice.

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    • ANSWER:

    What are some of the home remedies to get pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      First know when you are ovulating, that is the key! See below. Cut back on the caffeine as much as possible. After intercourse stay in a flat position for at least 15 minutes. Let nature take action.I am a expert at this.
      I have five kids.
      And planned them all.
      Everyone body is different.
      The one and only way to tell when you’re ovulating is by your vaginal discharge.
      Most people ovulate around the 14th day after the first day of their period.
      I ovulated the 19th day.
      You have to go by your body fluids.
      You will have two to three stages of fluids.
      One stage will be very clear & watery.
      You are not ovulating.
      The discharge may become slightly thicker.
      Now the way to tell if you are ovulating is, to take the discharge and either put it on toilet paper or on your finger’s.
      Now if you can spread your thumb and your index finger apart several times and the mucus or discharge strings along and does not break and keeps going back and forth you are ovulating.
      You can do this with toilet paper too, but it is not as affective. If you can pull the paper apart several times without the mucus breaking you are ovulating.
      I have helped numerous friends get pregnant using this method, I hope it works for you when you are ready.
      Good luck!
      God bless.

    Does anyone know any home remedies for heartburn, while pregnant?
    I am 6 months pregnant, and have horrible heartburn. Not to mentionI barely get any sleep as it is this makes me incredibly uncomfortable and unable to sleep even more. I just wanna rid the heartburn and get a little bit of sleeptime back.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, there are plenty of home remedies for heartburn while you are pregnant. A lot of women suffer with heartburn when they are pregnant because the weight of the baby can push against the stomach, which forces the acid out.

      Because you are pregnant it is always going to be better to go with a natural remedy for heartburn because it will be safer. There are a few things that you could try.

      One of the best things that can help with heartburn is to drink ginger tea. This is not as bad as it sounds because I drank this myself when I was expecting.

      Also change the way that you eat. Try to eat smaller meals, but eat more often during the day. The smaller the meal, the less acid the stomach has to to make to break up the food.

      Do not eat anything for at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

      Try drinking some peppermint, as this can help a lot.

      Also watch your posture during the day. When you are sitting down, try to lean back a little so that your stomach is straight, this prevents the stomach from being squashed up and forcing acid out of it.

      Hope that was helpful, take care. You can get a bit more information about natural home remedies for heartburn at the resource below.

    Pregnant and acne! Any home remedies to help it?
    My face is like a pubescent teenager! I am almost 7 weeks pregnant with my second child. My face is broke out so bad that it actually hurts! Is there any thing I can use? My doctor said I cannot use proactive so I quit using it.

    I am at my whits end! I just can’t take it anymore! Any home remedies out there that will get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ll tell you what, go natural. Natural remedies work. Start off by ditching all harsh and synthetic chemicals. They are terrible for your skin in the long run (not to mention, expensive). Switch to all natural or organic products and you will see a major difference. I can’t even tell you how much my skin has improved just from using natural home remedies.

      Oh and you should definitely try the BestBathStore soaps. All of their soaps are handmade with 100% natural ingredients. I’ve been using the acne cleansing bar as my morning wash. It takes about 2 or 3 days to see major results.

      I’m not the only one. You can check out more reviews here:

      They offer free samples too. Hope that helps. Take it easy. :-)

      -Love Is Peace

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