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How Do Famous People Get Famous

Some people wonder how do famous people get famous. The answer is by doing something that is considered to be outrageous. Most often this takes time to happen as is the case with movie actors who become well-known over time as they make good movies. Sometimes one can become well-known for the wrong reasons like getting drunk or fighting with their spouses or partners.

Those who make it their goal to gain popularity should think carefully about how to go about doing this. The first approach is to think about what field one would want to gain popularity in. Matching skills to a certain field is another strategy that can be adopted. Most people who have achieved popularity in a certain field will have something that is quite unique about them.

At school people are taught to fit in with the crowd. However those who are known throughout the world generally have some quality that separates them from the rest. Children can start to gain popularity if they have some skill that is publicized publicly on a social networking site for example.

While it might not seem too appealing, one should strive to gain some popularity on a local level first. This should be considered to be a stepping stone and good practice. Local fame is easier as many one is known and if he or she is liked then it makes the task easier.

Many celebrities have started locally and then have gone on to fame on a national and even international scale. As the exposure grows so the person will gain more popularity. It can be compared to crawling before one walks.

Like other industries, this industry is money driven. Agents will often latch onto someone who appears to have potential so that they can make some money themselves. Agents are usually quite adept at finding out how do famous people get famous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does pricking holes in condoms ever get people pregnant?

    I’m just asking out of pure curiosity, it seems unlikely that one or even many tiny holes would work… Has it ever happened to anyone for real? I’ve heard horror stories that it actually happens but I’m not sure if it’s made up or not. I mean how can ONE tiny pin prick be big enough?!

    • ANSWER:
      I should imagine so. (I’ve never tried it).

      If you think about it, pricking holes in a condom will weaken the condom and one of the holes may turn into a big split in the condom. Even if it doesn’t split, it only takes ONE sperm to get through one of the holes and fertilise the egg. I’m sure it’s very possible.

    Why are so many people pregnant these days? seriously!?
    I see that a lot of people are pregnant these days more than ever before!! A lot of female celebrities are pregnant and a lot of woman in my church and elsewhere..obviously it means that they are having A LOT of sex but besides that how do they get to the point of being able to find a mate and being in a stable relationship to get themselves pregnant? I´ve been single for so long and would like to have another child but cant seem to find a partner, while these other women are getting pregnant by the second, they pop one out and in the blink of an eye they´re pregnant once again…

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    • ANSWER:
      Condoms safety rate have gone signifigantly down the past two years

    How can i tell if my cat is pregnant? People keep telling me to get her an abortion, but I would NEVER do that?
    People keep saying that im irresponsible for letting my cat get pregnant, but I think its irresponsible to get abortion.
    umm, im not poor I can feed the cats, and what about humans over populating?huh? Until all the adoption agencies are empty people shouldnt be having children!
    And who said im taking them to a shelter, when I already have homes for them if she is pregnant?
    Humane societys dont euthenize cats, only animal shelters do….

    • ANSWER:
      You should get her spayed after her kittens are weaned make shure she stays inside untill then or she will get pregnent agein. If she’s not pregnent get her spayed she she won’t get pregnant. Take her to the vet to find out they can tell you. And keep her inside till she’s spayed.

    How can Paragard say that only 1 out of ever 100 people get pregnant?
    I found out yesterday that I’m pregnant again. We currently have 2 boys 9 and 3, a 6month old little girl, and 4 month old english bulldog puppy. We thought our family was perfect. Now we’re staying with his parents because he got medically discharged from the Army 2 months ago and he can’t find a job or a place that we could afford with just me working.
    Then I start getting sick earlier in the week miss two days and find out I’m pregnant. Lucky Us. My doctor told me its not uncommon at all to get pregnant with a IUD and that theres probably 30 people currently pregnant that come to his office that had IUD’s at the time of conception. I thought that seemed crazy until I started looking into it more. And the amount of people pregnant with unplanned pregnancy while using a device thats said to be more accurated that having your tubes tied is alarming. Is there an organization or something out there that should be contacted about this? I need help, I don’t know what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      IUD’s are about 99.3% effective. This means that if you take 100 couples, .7 of them will get pregnant – since .7 percent of people can’t get pregnant, it is rounded up. So 1 out of 100 couples using an IUD will get pregnant. Another example – condoms are about 85% effective…meaning 15 out of 100 couples only using condoms will get pregnant. IUD’s are the most effective form of birth control because there’s nothing to miss or mess up on, but even they are not 100%, which is why you are one of the 1 out of 100 who got pregnant.

      Hope that helps!

    question for people pregnant with the 3rd baby or have had more than 2 children.?
    I have 2 girls they are about 18 months and 29 months old. I am now 22 weeks today pregnant with my 3rd baby. I can’t really remember anything from my pregnancies. Its so crazy how much you forget but are reminded when you go through the process again. Do you guys remember in further pregnancies having BH earlier? Also there are days sometimes I can’t even get up and get around without being in so much pain. Like my stomach feels like I’ve been doing a million sit ups and kinda like sharp pains. I remember having this kinda like lightly and i could rub my belly and it would stop. What in the world is going on with this kid???

    P.s. I haven’t been to the dr yet I’m waiting on medicaid. I finally got an appointment on the 29th I’m so ready to figure this all out medic-ly I mean…I’m not worried lol I’m just excited. Also no one knows I’m pregnant I thought I’d let them know after I went to the DR and now its starting to get crazy lol. I mean the father knows and stuff but thats it. Not even any of my friends know. So How do you think this is going to go down when I tell everyone surprise I’m super pregnant and never said anything lol….how would you tell your family and loved ones after keeping it secret so long?
    it really didn’t start out a secret lol. i’m thinking i’m gonna hear alot of that the heck is wrong with you considering i’ve asked for no help at all with anything. even moving.

    • ANSWER:

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