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Does How You Conceive Determine Whether You'll Have A Boy Or A Girl?

I receive a lot of emails asking me if certain things (sexual intercourse positions, conception time corresponding with ovulation, the woman’s acidity, etc.) influence your baby’s gender at the time of conception. All of these things can certainly have an impact and if performed correctly, they can certainly change the outcome. But often you have to be very diligent about them and you have to follow though on each and every variable, not just one of them during some of the time. I will discuss this more in the following article.

The One Thing That Really Determines Your Baby’s Gender: Often when I begin to tell people the single thing that determines whether you conceive a boy or a girl, they will guess that I’m going to say acidity, timing, or something else. In truth, the one thing that you really have to worry about is which sperm chromosome fertilizes your egg. This is the whole equation and nothing else.

If a Y chromosome is able to complete this task, then you and your partner have conceived a boy. If it’s an X chromosome that wins out, then you and your partner have conceived a girl. And, make no mistake. Specialists can and do achieve this in labs all of the time with PGD or preimplanation gender diagnosis. The doctor simply determines the sex of the embryos before he implants them so that only the gender or sex that you want has been implanted and therefore has the chance of turning into a pregnancy.

This process has a very high success rate, but it costs many thousands of dollars and it doesn’t always “take.”

Can I Accomplish The Same Thing That PGD Does At Home?: So the next logical question that most people ask if whether it’s possible to get the fertility clinic results at home. There are definitely things that you can do yourself to help get the gender that you want. But, it’s important to understand that you have no way of seeing what’s going on inside your body. And, you have no way to change the sperm chromosomes that the father to be is producing. There are going to be both X’s and Y’s being produced and released and there is really nothing that you can do about this. So, you can’t control which sperm are being released. (In other words, you can’t really control what the father-to-be is contributing.) But, you can control what happens to these sperm once they reach your own body. I’ll explain this more below.

Controlling What You Can (Without Being Able To See A Thing): So if you want a boy, then you want to do everything possible to make life easier for the Y’s. And, if you want a girl, then you want to be friendly to the X’s but hostile to the Y’s. It’s important that you understand how both act and react in their fight for the egg. The Y’s are the weakest of the bunch. They live for days less than the X’s and it doesn’t take much to shake them off the trial. You have to strike while the iron is hot with them.

The X’s are pretty slow, but to make up for this they can live for days longer. And this “days longer” thing really does come into play because if you want a girl, then you want to conceive much earlier than you would if you wanted a boy. You actually want to start having intercourse before you get a positive with an ovulation predictor. (This is why I like the saliva predictors because they are the only models that really allow for this correctly.)

But, if you want a boy, you want to hold off for a few days. You want to be able to see a very clear and distinct positive and only then should you begin trying to get pregnant.

Remember when I said that you could only control what happens to the sperm chromosomes once they reach the mom-to-be’s body? Well when they do this they are either going to meet with a high PH or a low PH. In other words, they will either be dealing with an acidic or alkaline environment. Girls can really thrive in either. But, boys can only thrive in an alkaline environment.

So if you want a boy, then you will often need to lower your PH (depending on where you start, which you can find out using PH testing strips.) If you want a girl, you could either leave this to mother nature (which I wouldn’t recommend because you really should try to tweak every variable within your control) or you can work on being more acidic.

Acidity can be controlled and changed by your diet and the foods that you eat (every food is either alkaline or acidic) and by douching. Your diet and the douches that you use will be completely different if you are trying for a boy than if you are trying for a girl.

The last thing to consider (and the easiest) are which sexual positions that you use. Deeper penetration is more likely to conceive a boy, where shallow favors girl babies. But sexual positioning alone is often not enough to change the outcome. As I said, you really do have to be diligent with all of the variables and you should use the tools (ovulation predictors and PH test strips) available to you since you can’t see a thing.

I’ve put together a few websites that take a lot of the guess work out of choosing your baby’s gender when getting pregnant. You’ll find step by step instructions, resources for douche recipes and food PH lists, information on when to conceive, tips, support, and examples of ovulation predictors / PH testing strips.

If you want a girl baby, check out
If you want a boy baby, check out

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the vampire guy get the main girl pregnant in Twilight?
    Vampires technically don’t have blood in their bodies. When you get a boner, your penis fills w/ blood. So vampires don’t get erections. In Twilight doesn’t the vampire guy get the girl pregnant? How does that make sense?

    • ANSWER:
      Because, He wasnt a real vampire…He was a fairy..

    If a guy gets a girl pregnant and he underage does he have to pay child support?
    My boyfriend just found he got his ex girl friend pregnant. Does he have to pay for it even if he doesn’t want to sign as being the father. How would they even know if he is the father? Im wondering on if he has to claim the child and actually pay for it?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it is HIS child. They can go to court to have a DNA test done, and then the court will order him to pay child support. You seem like you don’t want him to have to offense, but why would you be with a guy that doesn’t want to claim or help support his own child.

    How long does it take for semen to become mature in your body and can get a girl to be pregnant ?
    how long does it take for semen to be mature enough and can make a girl pregnant

    • ANSWER:
      around 12 or 13 is the average age of when buys can get girls pregnant and around 10 is when girls become fertile to get pregnant

    How long does it take when you get a girl pregnant for birth control not to work?
    i had sex with my girlfriend and im afraid i might have gotten her pregnant from pre cum cuz her stomach has been hurting and what not, but we’re thinking about birth control and how long from the time i got her pregnant till now do i have before birth control isn’t effective anymore? like if she take brith control a week after she got pregnant or a couple days, does it still work? or does she have to take it right away, help me out!! i dont want no kid!!

    • ANSWER:
      you have to actively be taking birth control at the time of the unprotected sex or condom mishap or whatever happened that may make you think she could be pregnant.
      Taking Birth control AFTER will have no effect. However, there is plan b which is effective up to 72 hours after sex. If it has been longer than a week I would have her take a pregnancy test to be sure otherwise go into planned parenthood and they can test her. Its possible she is just getting ready to start her period and its just cramps.
      good luck!

    How far does a guy have to cum to get a girl pregnant?
    Let’s say he is about 2 or 3 inches deep, he is not wearing a condom, and he just barely made it out of you before he came?

    What do you think the chances are of the girl being pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      Sperm get where they have to go by swimming in her juices. It only takes one, and even a drop contains millions. All the sperm has to do is get into the vaginal opening.

      I had a high school teacher who was an ex-preist, and he once warned us about this; he said he counselled a lot of nice catholic girls who were pregnant even though technically they were still virgins. The guy was either rubbing around the outside or dribbled on her vaginal opening when he ejaculated. Sperm does not care how it gets there – fingers, air shots, late pull-out whatever. Even prec*m can have sperm in it sometimes (not always), so pulling out is not reliable.

      Obviously, the deeper the better and the more sperm the more likely. However, there have not been a lot of detailed studies about how far is far enough… Depends how energetic the little swimmers are that day, and whether it’s close to her ovulation time. Sperm can live 2 or 3 days, possibly 5, in the uterus waiting for the egg to be released. The odds of pregnancy when it’s a full deposit at her ovulation time are about 1 in 4, and ovulation is only about 2 days in 28, so many teens get a lucky break for a month or several and think what they’re doing is safe. It isn’t.

      The moral of the story – always(!) use protection. Good luck!

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