How To Become Pregnant Fast

How to Become Pregnant Fast | Cure Your Infertility

3 Helpful Tips on How To Become Pregnant Fast – Natural Ways to Help You Conceive

Become pregnant fast with these three simple tips on how to conceive a baby. Yes, these are effective methods that you and your husband can try at home, especially if you think that you are having a trouble in your reproductive health.

Know when the best time is

As a woman, you should be aware of your monthly cycle and each of its phases. There will be a time that your ovary will release eggs and drop them in the uterus, where they will wait for the sperm to fertilize them. This is called the ovulation stage, and this is the best time that you and your husband will engage in sexual intercourse because of the high probability that you will be pregnant.

You know that you are in this phase if the mucous inside your vagina becomes less sticky and your cervix turned soft. It is important that you feel these parts once in a while.

Stop your vices

Another helpful tip on how to become pregnant fast is to stop your vices. Whether it is smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages, you need to put an end to these, because these can be toxic and can give hindrance for healthy eggs to be released. Nicotine, which is obtained from cigarettes, can also poison the sperm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How to become pregnant fast?
    We are having a planned pregnancy, and would like any guidance and options in how we can become pregnant really soon?
    I am drinking prenatal vitamins and stopped the pill and smoking as well, but what else can you do besides obviously having intercourse.

    • ANSWER:
      Use to help you figure out your own fertility signs, confirm whether you’re ovulating, determine when to make sure you have intercourse, and predict when your next period will come (which lets you know exactly when to start pregnancy testing each cycle). It’s free for the basic software and involves no downloads at all– all online. Furthermore, if you don’t get pregnant within the first few months, you can instantly go to a specialist with your charts and they will be able to see where the likely problem might be. (Normally, fertility specialists won’t see a couple until after a year of unsuccessful trying. But most will make exceptions and see patients who have a few charts proving that they are having perfectly-timed intercourse but still aren’t conceiving.)

      Do not confuse fertility friend with ovulation calculators, menstrual calendars, and phone apps. All of those things are incredibly limited and all they do is crunch numbers about your past cycles, which any monkey could do. It’s a highly flawed system. Ovulation calculators would tell me that I usually ovulate on Cycle Day 28. Suddenly, last cycle, I ovulate on Day 20. Since I chart, though, I wasn’t surprised by the change and was ready for it. Charting shows you exactly what’s going on in your body.

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      Here’s an example of my charts: . The top chart is currently in progress. I haven’t ovulated yet, but I’m getting close. The next chart down shows successful ovulation where the vertical red line is. You can see how the blue line (my temperatures) stays notably higher after ovulation. The chart at the bottom is an old one from when I first started charting. I didn’t ovulate at all in that cycle. All my charts from November 2008 – April 2011 were kept elsewhere, but you can get the gist by looking at those.

      Fertility friend has tutorials to get you started. If you want more in-depth explanations that are easier to read, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler is the source you want. It explains menstrual cycles overall, explains how and why charting works, and provides trouble-shooting tips for all kinds of unusual cycles. The book has additional sections devoted to pregnancy avoidance and others devoted to pregnancy achievement, since you use the same information in different ways to do either. You’re not likely to see it at a bookstore, but it’s easy to find on Amazon or .

    How do i become pregnant fast?
    my body is a very heat body to componsate that i have lots of lemon juice & butter milk, water. but even then i have not become pregnant & even my periods days increased only upto 3 days in 1 yr of married life if the harmones r working in my body will the cycle extend more than 5 days ,, i have nt done any check ups becz i feel am healthy am 64 kg 5 feet. pls help me am working on reducing my weight

    • ANSWER:

    i want to conceive and become pregnant fast?
    i m trying frm 8 months to conceive but unable to become pregnant so i would like to know which food,vegetables and fruits contain folic acid?i would like to know how often shld i have sex in a month to conceive?i would like to know nutrition to increase folic acid?wat r the symptoms of ovulation?i want to become pregnent fast?so plz help me and guide me to conceive?i m v upset for not conceiving?wat r the precautions i must take ?

    • ANSWER:
      have u got aborted in earlier days? Folic acid is there in almost all fruits specially apple and citric fruits. Its better to know how active u r when doing intercourse with u r partner. Most important is keep lying for at list 30 mints in folding your legs near u r breast. You both has to be in very cheering mood n no fear/disturbances in bed room. you should try to have intercourse in a relatively cool and airy room. have u got u r partners sperm count check n u u r too

    how can i become pregnant fast?
    this might be a stupid question but I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over 2 months now nothing is working.

    • ANSWER:

    How fast to become pregnant?
    My boyfriend and I have been trying to get me pregnant. We’re both old enough and ready to start a family. We had unprotected sex twice the other night. I am just wondering how soon I could find out if I’m pregnant or not. I usually get my period around the 5th of every month. So, would me being pregnant affect my next period. I don’t know how long it takes. THanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Anytime you have unprotected sex you could become pregnant.

      Most women ovulate 10 – 14 days from the day they start their period and sperm can hang out waiting on an egg for 72 hours.

      If you are pregnant you will not have a period.

      Take a test when you miss your period or 14 – 19 days from when you last had sex for an accurate result.

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