How To Get Pregnent

by John Knight, editor; illustration by Claire Longfield, guest artist

Health Tips for Women

Juggling between the personal and the professional life, women, most often, forget to take care of their health. However, it is very essential for women to be concerned about their health, no matter how busy schedule they have. Women are more prone to diseases, as they do not have that physical stamina as compared to a man. A woman should revamp her lifestyle so that she can add proper exercise, relaxation and rest to her lifestyle. Moving on to a balanced diet also plays a vital role in keeping a woman healthy.

The foremost important thing in a woman’s balanced diet is calcium. Calcium intake for a woman should be at least 1000-1200 mg per day. For this, women should consume at three servings of milk products a day. For instance, you can start by having a 250 mL of milk, 175 grams of yogurt, and 45 grams of cheese. There are certain women who do not like milk products, for them there are alternatives of calcium supplement. They can also try some other calcium sources. The calcium intake is very crucial because by the time a woman reaches her thirties, the bones stop to grow. The bone density also reduces by the time a woman reaches her forties. She needs to have more dairy foods, fish, leafy green vegetables and even non-dairy products that are calcium enriched.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What time of the month can you get pregnent the easiest?
    Is it right before your period or right after?
    cus there are times of the month when your hormones are ‘more ready’ to make you pregnent
    i doon’t know how to say
    you know what i mean though?

    • ANSWER:
      september when you start school

    What happens if you get someone pregnent on fable 2?
    I have fable 2 and i’m married to a girl called Alex. I need to know how i can get her pregnent and what happens once she’s pregnent and what happens when the baby is born

    • ANSWER:
      Well You must have unprotected sex with her to get her pregnent and when she pregnent she has a baby then when the baby is born he “grows” up in your house with Alex.

    How would i go about getting pregnent if im a lesbian?
    Well, im 21 years old, and ive been a lesbians all my life. Me and my life partner have tried to understand why ive been so horny lately and desided it’s cause im in heat (so to speak) and that my body is wanting to have a child. I dont have the money for the inveto or stuff like that and the only way i can offord to get pregnent is having a man sleep with me. what should i do? ive never had sex with a man before and i know what it takes to get pregnent that way, but i dont know what to do or if i should, please help.

    • ANSWER:
      In my opinion, 21 is too young to make this decision. How long have you and your “life partner” been together anyway? A child is forever dear, and you need to have more reasons to have a child (especially without a father involved) than being “in heat”.

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      A child is forever and you and your partner need to realize the reality of this situation. 1. Most states do not recognize more than one mom. So if you die and do not leave a will, the child could be taken away from your partner. 2-If you break up, your partner will get no consideration from the court system and you will get no child support. 3. The father could always come back and demand visitation and possibly fight you for custody.

      Children are not side effects of being in heat. Although I know that it doesn’t always happen this way, they should be planned, and wanted by both their mother and father. My first child was not planned and I’m telling you it is tough being a parent! No more clubbing, no more late morning sleep ins, no more picking up and going anywhere (easily) and no more money. They suck every dime you have and then some.

      Do yourself a favor and wait and see how you feel about raising a child in a few years. I always told my son, marriage at 30 and kids at 35. Enjoy your youth, at 21 you have a long time before your biological clock becomes an issue.

    How do we stop from getting pregnent?
    We had unprotected sex before my wife got period for three times last month. and she got period on July 22 nd . From 28th july thru 3rd Aug we had sex, I did not wear the condom till half way of the sex, and I had condom on afterwards till the end of the sex every day. Now, 5 days back My wife said that she was feeling dizzy around 11 AM. but only for three days. now she says she don’t have the dizzyness. we suspect that my wife is a pregnent. we have a 3 months old baby. And we don’t want another on this early. Can any body suggest me what can we do to not to get pregnent? I spoke the doctor, she said wait till the Aug 25th, If she don’t get period then we can test. But I don’t want to wait till that date to know that she is pregnent. We don’t want pregnency. What do I do now?

    • ANSWER:
      Anything you would do to “stop” a potential pregnancy at this point is considered an abortion. Do you really want to do that? Does your wife? All you can do is wait and test, and if it comes out negative, use birth control ALL the time, every time. If your wife is breastfeeding and hasn’t had her period yet, as many women don’t that early, you have a much smaller chance of her being pregnant. Breastfeeding is nature’s birth control.

    How soon I can get pregnent after miscarriage?
    I miscarried May 25th & I had D&C on May doctor told me I can try after 1 normal period.Whar does it mean “normal period”?My period is usually very regular. Mentally I am prepared to get pregnent again.After miscarriage how soon I can try?How I will know that my body is now ready?

    • ANSWER:
      You can get pregnant as soon as you ovulate, sometimes just 2 weeks after.

      It is probably wiser to wait at least one cycle as then you have an LMP to work from to estimate when you are due, not to mention the psychological aspect.

      However it won’t harm you to become pregnant immediately.

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