Most Fertile Days To Get Pregnant

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    What are the chance of getting pregnant on your most fertile days?
    My most fertile day was July 16th, and well me and my long time boyfriend baby danced. What are the chance of getting pregnant now, its been two weeks so far and I want to find out the old fashion way (missing the period). I heard that it was only a 25% chance of getting your pregnant on yor most fertile days.

    • ANSWER:
      No there is a BIG chance you can get pregnant on your most fertile day because that is when your egg drop. If you really want to know you can buy a test from family dollar they work as well and find out like that..if you think your pregnant go get the test.the earlier you find out the better so you can start getting you vitamins for you and the baby if you are!!! Good luck
    Most fertile days coming up but can I still get pregnant now?
    I use a calculator to see when my most fertile days for conception would be. But you can still get pregnant before and after…of course. But what I’m wondering days when you’re not the most fertile what are the chances of getting when you’re least fertile – right after your period. And is it just “easier” to get pregnant on the most fertile days?

    • ANSWER:
      It is possible to get pregnant if you have sex a few days before or a few days after you ovulate because of the short life cycle of the egg and the longer life cycle of the sperm. Sperm can live 3-5 days so if you have sex in the 5 days before your ovulation then you can get pregnant. An egg lives 1-2 days so you also possibly have 2 more days after ovulation actually occurs. So, you have roughly one week each month that you can pregnant – if you do indeed ovulate, that is – and if your cervical fluid is the fertile type of fluid. Some months you may not release an egg and therefore have 0% chance of getting pregnant even if you have sex every single day.
    best day to get pregnant during my most fertile days?
    im ready to have a baby i just got off birth control a year ago and have been having regular periods. i calculated my most fertile days and its between the 12th and the 17th of this month of july 2011. what is the best day to have sex so i can get pregnant??????????????????????

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    • ANSWER:
    What are the most fertile days to get pregnant during your menstrual cycle?
    My gf and I had sex on the 16th day of her menstrual cycle and the condom came off during sex and i didn’t feel it. Now we discovered the problem before i got off but what is the probability that she has been fertilized?

    • ANSWER:
      one week after her menstral period she will ovulate one of those days, so try that whole week.
    most fertile days to get pregnant?
    my bf and i had unprotected sex wed and fri, he came both times. my most fertile days are may 24, 25, 26, 27 i ovulate may 30. should i worry about being pregnant or am i over reacting?

    • ANSWER:


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