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Ovulation Calculator – Determines Your Spouse’s Fertility

If you and your spouse are planning to have a baby, an ovulation calculator is an excellent tool to help you increase your chances of a successful conception.

What is an ovulation calculator?

An ovulation calculator is simply a system to help you calculate the days during which your spouse is most likely to be ready for conception.

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How does the ovulation calculator do this?

The ovulation calculator determines the date of your spouse’s ovulation, or the process by which her ovaries release the ovum (egg).

Ovulation determines your spouse’s fertility, or her readiness to conceive. By calculating the day when ovulation takes place, the ovulation calculator predicts the optimum period during which sexual intercourse will lead to a successful conception.

How does the ovulation calculator work?

To understand how the ovulation calculator works, it is important to know about ovulation and how it affects conception.

Ovulation depends on your spouse’s menstrual cycle, or the period between the first days of two consecutive periods. Though this differs for individuals, in most women the menstrual cycle is around 28 days. Typically, ovulation occurs somewhere around the middle of the menstrual cycle. Going by this, if your spouse’s menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, ovulation in her case will occur around 14 days from the first day of her period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    If I had sex the day of ovulation, would I have a girl or a boy?? Is there any way to know?
    Well I am still trying to find out if I’m even pregnant! But if i AM, then we had sex the exact day of Ovulation (according to online ovulation calculators). I am just curious to see if I will have a girl or Boy if I am pregnant! orrrr will I just have to wait till the ultrasound!? thanks for the feed back! šŸ˜€

    • ANSWER:
      Generally sperm that has a higher chance of becoming a girl swims slower, and lives longer. So the best time to try for a girl is about 2-4 days before ovulation.
      Sperm that has a higher chance of becoming a boy swims fast, but doesnt live long, so the best time to try for a boy is the day before ovulation, and the day of ovulating.
      So I’d say your chances for a boy are slightly higher.
    This is more like a statement to remind people about ovulation periods….?
    I’m a doctor or anything & most people know at this point already that not EVERYONE ovulates (or becomes fertile) mid-cycle or 14 days before their next period… I know this definitely because when i got pregnant the first time i conceived only 5 DAYS before my next period & i still missed my period & everything. I miscarried at 9 weeks :'( but i know that its proof that not everyone is fertile mid-cycle… but my problem now is.. i have no clue when i am because since ive been TTC for a year now, ive had intercourse at all different times of the month.. right after my period, the week of my mid-cycle & especially the week before my next period (since i had luck with that before) .. so any girls going by websites ovulation calculators (like i stupidly do lol) should really do more of a natural way like BBT or something like that. Search online for ways of telling when your ovulating & maybe that’ll give everyone thats TTC luck :) GOOD LUCK E VERY ONE :)
    Sorry… No I am NOT a doctor. I edited that first sentence because i made a mistake but i erased the word not . sorry :) !!

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    • ANSWER:
      I would add two things:

      1) read the book “taking charge of your fertility”, so know what pre-ovulation signs to look for. Use OPKs (or charting) if your cycle is very regular to figure out when do you normally ovulate.

      2) if you have a highly “irregular” cycle that exceeds 35 days at times, go see a doctor. Very likely you have fertility issues and are not ovulating every cycle due to condition called PCOS (which can be addressed with metformin or low-carb diet). No point to chart if your cycles are that irregular. See a doctor / fertility specialist. PCOS is the most common fertility condition for women which can be addressed.

      Good luck.

    i want a baby girl next?
    i have a 2 year old son and really want a baby girl next…i used babyhopes.com ovulation calculator that said the 5th would be my day to try for a girl. needless to say me & my husband did…and i ovulate on the 9th. yesterday and today ive had whiteish colored discharge…does anyone know what this is from? also…what are my chances of getting pregnant & with a baby girl? thanks so much for comment!!!
    lol i dont have an std. but thanks?

    • ANSWER:
      That’s tough to say with any certainty. A truly whiteish colored discharge is usually caused by gonorrhea. But if it is an off-whiteish colored discharge, it could be either chlamydia or candidiasis. Does the discharge have a sour smell or taste like pimentos? In that case, it’s almost certainly candidiasis.
    Can Someone Help Me Understand this Ovulation Thing?
    I have used a couple calculators. Some say I am ovulating on the 15 and some are saying the 16 or 17th. I want to have a girl this time and I read if you have sex 3 days before ovulation and no sex after that point it gives you better chances of having a girl but without knowing exactly when my ovulation is I dont know how to figure this out. The first day of my last period was March 2nd. Please help me out I am new to all this.

    • ANSWER:
      That’s exactly why the theory doesn’t translate into high success rates in practice. It is impossible to tell when you’re going to ovulate 3 days in advance. All you can do is guess and hope for the best, but following this method could make it much, much more difficult to fall pregnant at all because you can easily miss ovulation.
    using online ovulation calculators/calendars?
    i wanted to know have any of you ever used an online ovulation calculator or calendar to see when it was best to try for a boy or girl and if so did it help or work? i know it already works to see my most fertile days but what about trying for a boy or girl?

    • ANSWER:


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