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Using An Ovulation Calendar To Conceive Or Get Pregnant With A Girl Baby

I have a blog that is dedicated to helping couples conceive a girl. Someone contacted me through it and suggested that I include an “ovulation calendar for conceiving a girl.” I responded by explaining why I don’t think these calenders are the best, or most reliable tool. In this article, I’ll explain why I don’t think they work as well as some other methods and I’ll tell you what I think will work much better to get you the daughter that you want.

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How Ovulation Calendars Are Supposed To Help You Conceive A Girl: These calendars typically work like this. Usually, you can either do them online or on a paper calendar. You note the days of your menstruation from one month to the next. This will tell you how long (how many days) your menstrual cycle lasts. If you didn’t care whether you had a boy or a girl baby, you’dtypically conceive mid cycle – usually around day 14. There is no magic to this method. Itis just guessing that at the mid point in your cycle, you are the most fertile. However, couples who want to conceive a girl will want to conceive during the front end of thiswindow (three days prior to ovulation) because the girl sperm are long lived and the boy sperm are not.

This makes sense on the surface, but here’s the problem. Not all women conceive mid cycle and notall women conceive on the same day every cycle. I tried this method but nothing was happening. So, I finally broke down and purchased a saliva ovulation predictor. Using it, I could literally see the changes which would indicate that ovulation was on it’s way. I was shocked as I approached day 14 and it showed nothing. I panicked for awhile, thinking I wasn’t ovulating at all, but eventually saw that I was ovulating on day twenty on one month and on day 22 on another. So I likely would not have been successful in getting pregnant using the calendar method because I would’ve been about a week early and even girl sperm can not live that long. Even if you are only a few days late or early, this can seriously effect which gender you end up getting.

Methods That Are Far Superior To Ovulation Calendars For Conceiving A Girl Baby: There are other methods to predict your ovulation if you want a girl. Examples are basal temperature, cervical mucus evaluation, and ovulation predictors. I believe that most of these leave too much to chance. Your temperature can go up on down for reasons other than ovulation. Your cervical mucus can change for reasons other than ovulation too. Ovulation predictors are among the only methods that take the guesswork out of the equation. I like saliva because you don’t have to use first morning urine and can keep reusing them, but both urine and saliva are much better than the old fashioned methods that require you to guess without seeing a yes or no answer (at least in terms of reliability). Because if you are dead set on having a girl, if you conceive even a few days late, you’ll greatly up your odds to get a boy.

Other Things That Will Help You In Conceiving A Girl: Correctly timing ovulation is very important on your quest for a daughter, but to have the best odds, you shouldn’t stop there. Natural gender selection for a daughter is based on the fact that the boy sperm are weak and short lived and there are other ways to take advantage of this.

You can also use sexual / intercourse positions that are shallow because this places the sperm far away from the egg, ensuring the boy sperm have a longer time to live (which is difficult for them) before they reach their long destination.

You should also raise your acidity and PHbecause again, this willweaken and encouragethe boy sperm to die off. You can do thisby tweaking your diet to includehighly acidic foods or bydouching. An easy way to approach thisis to test your PH at the beginning of this process to tell you how aggressive you’ll need to be(Manywomen will need to both diet anddouche, especially if they want quicker results). And, you can continue to test as you make these changesso that there is no mystery as to where youare trending and when you are ready.

The real key inconceiving a daughter is to be very precisein all of these steps. Don’t guess or hope forthe best. Use the tools that are widely available and inexpensive to make absolutely surethat you’re exactly where you need to be.

Conceive A Girl is a website I put together to offer step by step instructions, hints, tips, and resources for couples wishing to conceive a baby girl. You’ll find resources for douche recipes and food lists, as well as ovulation predictors and PH test strips. Take a look if you like at http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com/

About the author: Sandy Dean’s websites are at http://conceive-a-boy-baby.com/(for conceiving a boy)

and http://conceive-a-girl-baby.com/(for conceiving a girl)

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/pregnancy-articles/using-an-ovulation-calendar-to-conceive-or-get-pregnant-with-a-girl-baby-2748951.html

Frequently Asked Questions

    Trying to conceive a girl? Help?
    We have 2 wonderful little boys and hoping our next one will be a girl but of course either way we will be extremely happy! I was reading on an ovulation calendar I’m using that we need to try on today and tomorrow for a girl. I’m suppose to ovulate on the 30th. Is that information correct? Have you conceived a girl even the day before or on the day you ovulated?
    They say to do it a few days before ovulation because male sperm are faster but die sooner and female live longer but are slower.

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    • ANSWER:
      i wish i could figure this out as well because i have 4 girls i so desperately want a boy
    is this correct for an ovulation calendar?
    if i start my period on the 5th,
    it says:Monday 5th April 2010 – First day of your cycle
    Friday 16th April 2010 – Best chance of conceiving a girl
    Saturday 17th April 2010 – A little bit fertile, best chance of conceiving a girl
    Sunday 18th April 2010 – Fertile, best chance of conceiving a boy
    Monday 19th April 2010 – VERY fertile, best chance of conceiving a boy
    Tuesday 20th April 2010 – Time to ovulate
    Friday 30th April 2010 – A home pregnancy test may work now.i had sex on the 17th of april on saturday, which happens to fall in there? ^
    so does this sound about accurate? & if so, on a scale of 1-10 how high are my chances of being pregnant? 10 being the highest?

    anyone base there timing off of an ovulation calendar & it work just like that?

    • ANSWER:
      every woman is different and the ovulation calendars can be extremely inaccurate for some but may work for others. usually itis pretty accurate if you have a regular 28 day cycle but a lot of women do not. I know that some science suggest that there are different characteristics between male and female sperm and as a result the timing of intercourse may influence gender. the male sperm are faster so if given the proper environment should be able to reach the egg faster if intercourse is timed while ovulating or very close to ovulation while female sperm may be slower they tend to live longer so if intercourse is timed a few days before ovulation they may out live the male sperm. . . that said this is not a sure thing whatsoever. In my own experience i know when i conceived my daughter and it was on the day of ovulation so given this frame of thought i should have had a boy but now i have a happy healthy 9 month old baby girl. so this did not work for me :) the best time to conceive is about 3 days before and the day of ovulation but with that you need to know exactly when you ovulate. You can do that by charting your BBT, using OPK’s, and checking cervical fluid which will turn very clear and stretchy like egg whites just before ovulation, and cervical position which will be low soft and open during ovulation. The cervical mucus is very important when ttc because it creates an environment that is very helpful for sperm swim up your reproductive tract and find your egg- the less CM you have the sooner the sperm live.as for your chances of pregnancy sperm generally lives about 72 hours sometimes less sometimes more i have heard anywhere from 2 hours all the way up to 7 days and this all just depends on the quality of your cervical mucus. and in any given cycle you have a 25% chance of conceiving. i would give you a 3 out of 10 chance good luck and baby dust.
    When would we need to stop having sex in order to conceive a girl?
    me and my bf been trying for a yr to get pregnant,we both just had fertility tests done and both mine and his test are normal. my ob/gyn told us we can continue trying. we wanna have a girl but are trying to fig out when we should stop having sex. i just got my period on july 10,2011 and my cycle is 30 days. we looked at this ovulation website to help fig out when we should try but its confusing us: http://www.babymed.com/fertility-ovulation-calendar-calculatorif we are trying for a girl,when should we stop having sex?

    • ANSWER:
    Boy girl ovulation calender?
    Does anyone no if those calendars that say when your best time to conceive a girl or a boy are accurate ?

    • ANSWER:
      They probably aren’t 100% accurate, I don’t think there’s a way to plan whether to have a boy or girl unless it’s artificially done.
    my ovulation calendar i have questions all answers would help?
    ok so i have only tracked this month but the calender i used showed me for the next three months as well now it als gave me days ware i can conceive a girl better then days the i can get a boy should i go by that if i want a boy insted of a girl and today was the first day to try and have a bay but if it slims my chances then i dont know what i should try
    keep in mind ladys i do not want to spend money on just tracking. you see all the wemon who have problems conciving and they spend thousands of $$$$$$ do find out i know the calender isnt 100% accuret but do i evan have a chance without the ovulation kit?

    • ANSWER:
      i honestly wouldnt go by what the calender says. they go by averages and you may or may not ovulate on the days it says. as for getting a girl or boy there are a lot of theories to it but i havent found anything that has actually proved that you can determine the sex off of what days and positions. my advice would be to use an ovulation predictor kit. between tracking your bbt, cervical mucus and using ovulation kits that is going to be the best way of tracking your ovulation. i use a calender but only to roughly estimate when i will until i can get used to it. good luck!

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