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If Ovulation Has Already Happened, Is to Too Late To Get Pregnant? Can I Still Conceive?

I often hear from women who believe that they have just ovulated and who worry that it’s not too late to have intercourse in an attempt to conceive. Often, they are feeling some cramping and they assume this means ovulation has arrived. Or, they’ve actually used an ovulation predictor and have gotten a positive result. However they have determined that ovulation has taken place, they are most concerned about whether they can still become pregnant or if they will have to wait until the next month since their fertility window has passed. I will discuss this more in the following article and will also talk about how this time frame might affect your baby’s gender.

So, If You’ve Ovulated, Can You Still Become Pregnant Or Conceive?: First of all, I often tell people who have this question to make absolutely certain that they are right about their suspicions. Sometimes, cramping doesn’t always mean ovulation. It could mean that it’s approaching and it could mean something else entirely. Sometimes, when I tell people this, they tell me that they aren’t going to bother to test because it’s mid day and they can’t use early morning urine. This doesn’t mean you can’t test. You can use a saliva predictor, which I often find to be more accurate anyway. But, let’s say you’ve used both ovulation prediction methods and you know that your egg has already been released.

This doesn’t mean that you are too late in your fertility window to become pregnant. Sure, you have lost some available days, but it’s said that your egg can survive for as many as 2 days after it’s released. And a man’s sperm has an even longer shelf life, sometimes surviving for as much as 3 days or 72 hours. So, there is still hours or even sometimes days following ovulation where you can conceive or become pregnant. There is no reason to just give up and wait a month if you suspect that you have ovulated. Of course, if you have a preference as to your baby’s gender, then this might come into play, which I’ll discuss now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How is it possible to get pregnant a few days after ovulation?
    People keep saying that you can get pregnant days after you ovulate. Is it possible to have sex and get pregnant 4+ days after ovulation if you are on a 28 day cycle? And if so, please explain how it happens.

    • ANSWER:
      During the time of ovulation, an egg is available to be fertilized for only about 12-24 hours. But since sperm can live in the body for 3-5 days and then the egg is available for one day, your most fertile time is considered to be about 5-7 days.
      Can I ovulate right after my period?
      The answer to this is determined by how many days are in your cycle. For example, if you have a 21 day cycle ( from the beginning of one period to the beginning of another) and you bleed for 7 days, then yes, you could ovulate right after your period. This is because we know ovulation can occur 12-16 days before your next period begins, and this would put you ovulating at days 6-10 of your cycle.

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    Can a woman only get pregnant during ovulation days?
    Can a woman ONLY get pregnant during her ovulation days? I did an ovulation calendar for myself because I am ttc. It will be the 1st time I get pregnant but I would like to know if I could only get pregnant during those 5 ovulation days? Because its kind of funny, what happens to the other 25 or so days of the month? Cant make babies on those other days? It’s kind of frustrating having only 5 days out of the month.

    • ANSWER:
      yes you can get pregnant at anytime during your cycle….its just not as easy after your ovulation finishes because the egg has died out and your body is getting ready to be rid of the remains (hence your period). but before ovulation may be slightly easier because that is when the egg is newly forming, or has almost matured, its just depending on how many days before the ovulation that a woman has had intercourse since sperm can live up 7 days inside a woman….and ovulation may occur during anytime and occasionally more than once.

    Can you get pregnant a day after or two days after ovulation day?
    i want to know if you can get pregnant a day after or two days after ovulation FOR EXAMPLE: if i ovulated on the 1st and had sex on the 2nd and 3rd but (pulled out though) is there a chance?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s unlikely that if he pulled out in time you would become pregnant. The pull out method works if you do it correctly. Once ovulation occurs, the egg only lives 12-24 hrs, so I think you’re fine.

    I’m trying to get pregnant. days later After ovulation I saw a white substance in the toilet.Is that my eggs?
    I’m trying to get pregnant,and noticed a white substance in the toilet days after ovulation.Does that mean my eggs did not implant in the uterus

    • ANSWER:
      No, your eggs have not made it down the fallopian tubes yet. The white substance could be left over semen or just vaginal discharge. Your eggs dont implant, they have to be fertilized and transformed into an embryo which then implants in the uterus. You will not know if this took place until you miss or dont miss your period.
      You should do a little research on how ovulation and fertilization occurs before trying to get pregnant. Seriously.

    can i still get pregnant one day after my ovulation days are over?
    the first day of my last period was on May 28. I already found out that my ovulation days were supposed to be between June 8 and June 13. Sadly, my husband was out of the country and we couldn’t make love during those days. But the day after, on June 14, my husband was back and we made love. Do i still have a chance to get pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      There is still very good chance of you getting pregnant.. My Doc says there is 1 week window time where you can get pregnant

      Infact my best friend got pregnant on her 18th day while her ovulation was early on 12th day..

      Good luck and Baby dust

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