Pictures Of How To Get Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant Naturally – Tips to Ensure Pregnancy with Proper Nutrition

There are several ways to get pregnant naturally without the help of drugs or expensive procedures. Sometimes these things are taken for granted or haven’t reached common knowledge yet. As of today, couples who are unable to conceive a child are increasing in number along with teens who seem to have taken the phrase “go forth and multiply” seriously and plan to do it early in their lives to get a head start.

For women trying to get pregnant naturally, nutrition plays an important role in putting your body in ready mode and its ability to support another live being inside your womb. Sufficient nutrition ensures the balance of hormones inside your body, provided that you do not have pathological conditions that cause malabsorption of nutrients, failure of their synthesis or imbalance of reproductive hormones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Baby Pictures (Pregnant?)?
    okay tell me your baby full detail..for my blog..showing how strong women are! an also please attach a pregnant picture of you..or of someone else( famous or not… but if u attach a pcture of you then you will get the best anwser! :)) i love to see the miracle of life..and rea about it! :)

    • ANSWER:
      lol I will NEVER POST my preg pic with either child I was/ and am HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I mean it lol, but hmmm lets see. My first was due june 5th, I was to be induced on the 4th, turned out I was already in labor, was given somthing to help it along. I had 2 shots of Standlin, 2 epidurals shot up 4 times each, a thing of demerol. had an emergancy c-section cause I was 16 and he weighed 10lbs 11 oz. This one still has 4 months before I can relay that story lol

    Is my guinea pig pregnant? Pictures included.?
    I have two guinea pigs in two separate cages. One is a male and one is a female. The males name is Rhino, and the females name is Einstein.

    This is how it all started. I first got Rhino, and after about three weeks, I decided to get him a buddy. I went and got what I was told was a male. But, when I put my new guinea pig in the cage with Rhino, he immediately started to hump my new guinea pig! He was on top of my new guinea pig for about thirteen seconds. Then I realized that my new guinea pig, which I was told was a male, was indeed a female. So, I had to go back to the pet store and buy her a new cage, food bowl, water bottle, toys, everything!

    Heres the thing, when I got her, she was so small that she still had a tiny bit of crust on her where her belly button is now! So, yeah, she was still a baby. I’m guessing that she was about five or six weeks old. Now that shes been growing, she has developed quite a belly, and she has developed two small nipples on her lower belly, and they have some white powdery stuff around them. Is that dandruff, or milk? She sleeps a lot, and she pees a lot too.

    So, is she pregnant or not? What other signs should I look for if she could be pregnant?

    Here is some pictures of her stomach:

    I have had her for about three or four weeks now, if it matters.

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    Thank you!
    Yes, I knew that someone would mention something about how I was holding her. But, I was just trying to get a good picture, and she didn’t seem to mind.

    • ANSWER:
      My guess is no, she isn’t pregnant. Guinea pig stomachs grow out to the sides and look like this:

      Try to gently feel her stomach and abdomen which will harden if she is pregnant. Don’t push too hard or you could hurt her or the babies. If she’s pregnant enough, you will feel the babies kick. If she gets scared she may abort the babies, so be very gentle and careful around her for the next couple weeks until you are sure. Good luck! :)

      Check out this link for a week by week breakdown of guinea pig pregnancy.:

    12 weeks pregnant? pictures?
    This is my first pregnancy & I’m 6 weeks along, in about 6 more weeks, I’m going to get married. I was wondering if I could see some pictures of how big you were at 12 weeks so i have an idea of if I’ll be showing by then or not. & if I will will I show a lot.
    Right now I think i show a little, not enough that anyone else would notice, but enough that I can tell. i usually have a very flat stomach & i deffinately have a little bump & my jeans are fitting a little tighter than they used to… Anyways. thanks ( :
    It doesnt have to just be 12 weeks. but if you’ll put how far along you are that would be wonderful! thank you so much<333

    • ANSWER:
      This is me now at nearly 32 weeks.

      I don’t have a picture of me at 12, but this is me at 16 weeks.

      Everyone’s different though.

      :) congrats.

    I have teo mollies and believe they are pregnant..know any signs that they are about to deliver?
    I bough my Mollies 5 days ago and they look pregnant. They are very active and are always going up and down in the corner of the tank fairly quick. I would like to know signs of labor and what should I do when she goes into labor. I also would like a few pictures of pregnant mollies to compare them with mine. Also how big will their bellies get before they have them?

    • ANSWER:

    Did you get professional Belly pictures taken while pregnant?
    I have seen the professional pictures of the mama’s with the sheets wraped around them, and their belly sticking out. Have you gotten them taken? They look beautiful and so natural. How did you pick the poses? Would you suggest this to others? Help me out Please!

    • ANSWER:
      I had a friend that was in to photography do mine so i didnt pay alot, i did all kinds of poses. The one with the sheet/material wrapped around was one of my favorite. I also did the side nude pose, if you have stretch marks already black & white is the best, unless you dont mind. Another cute pose by yourself is sitting indian style looking down at your belly on that pose i wore a real simple white bra with boy short underwear & i love that one too, Definetly the one with the daddy kissing the belly, you should pick the ones you like hte best & where you feel most natural. That was with my first baby & i love the pictures!! its something you’ll cherish, tonight i just got finished doing a home belly cast! im 39 wks w/ my 2nd & im going to get mty friend to paint it for me. that is also very cool, i would have done pictures again except my hubby is in Iraq & belly casting just caught my interest with this one but you should really get it done. Make sure the person you have do the pictures your comfy with. Good luck & congrats

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