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Get Pregnant Fast – Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast

If you are trying to get pregnant this could be the most exciting and the most confusing step in your life at the same time. The first thing you need to remember is every woman ovulates at a different time so you can not follow anyone’s ovulation cycle except your own because, odd are it will not match up. During this ovulation period, when a woman’s ovaries expel an egg, the time in which you have to conceive can be as short as three to four days.

So, if you would like to get pregnant fast your ovulation schedule will be very important. Otherwise you will end up having to have sex every day of the month just to make sure you got it. I have the feeling if you were to do that you would be awfully tired. So I will explain some better options to make sure you can achieve your goal.

The first option you have which would be easier but, could end up costing a lot of money. Ovulation indicators are available at almost any store and also online. There are many out there and they range from a dollar to forty dollars. Just because something is more expensive, does not always mean better results they all use the same technology so choose by what it offers rather than anything else. If you are trying to track your ovulation then the reusable ones with extra strips would be what you would need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any over the counter pills to help you get pregnant faster?
    Me and my boyfriend have been trying to get pregnant and nothing is working so i just would like to know the best method out there.

    • ANSWER:
      The best method is to enjoy each other once a day and pray. There are no over the counter pills, no fertility herbs, just you and your hubby. If you get worried you could always ask your doctor for a fertility test to be sure that you are both operating at “maximum” capacity. If it comes out that one of you has a problem, then go to your doctor and talk about the treatments they have available. But be aware that these are costly and often times insurance may not cover the procedures.

    How long could it take me to get pregnant again after quitting birth control pills?
    I just quit my ortho-tricyclen which I was on 3 months. Ob said it was fine to start trying again. I went into premature labor in May and lost our daughter (delivered). So I got on birth control to give my body time to heal. How long could it take now to conceive after stopping birth control? I heard women get pregnant fast & easy after delivery, is this true???

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    • ANSWER:
      it would of been true after delivery if you didn’t start the bc. it could take up to 3 months to get you body back to normal. i was also on bc for 3 months just stopped aug 24th last month now ttc. good luck some people it takes only 2 weeks…..

    thinking about taking hormone pills to help me get pregnant faster. just had a ectopic pregnancy?
    has any of u women ever taken hormone pills? if yes was it succesful and how long did it take u to become pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      Just adopt!!! There are so many kids out there that want to belong to a good family. Stop thinking about your selfish needs and think about a child to adopt

    taken birth control pills for over 3 years, want to go off them, how long will it take me to get pregnant?
    i have heard it takes up to 6 months after going off of the pill for most to get pregnant? is this true?
    any tips for getting pregnant fast?
    iam on apri, and to the last answer why do you say i need to be on metformin? and what is that other drug you mentioned?

    • ANSWER:
      I was on the pill for six years without a break until the start of the year.
      When going off of it i asked the same question and was told that after the first month you are able to get pregnant.
      Exactly how long it takes depends on many variables and everyone is different.
      Personally it took me around four months before i felt like my body was getting used to not being on the pills anymore. Excercise and diet will play a big part in making you feel “normal”
      Five months, a three week holiday, a healthy diet and sex (obviously) was all it took me.
      Dont stress yourself or put too much pressure on the whole situation.
      Many find they concieve when they stop trying.
      Good luck

    do prenatal pills help you get pregnant faster?
    Ive been trying to get pregnant for like 6 months without succes!!

    19 by the way

    • ANSWER:

      I’ve started taking some herbal pills called “Virtex” from the health food store as I am trying to get pregs as well, the health food pharmasist told me that they will help regulate periods (if yours arent regular) and help make you more fertile… they have a mix of Chinese and Indian herbal medicines in them, so maybe you can give them a go?

      Good luck :)

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