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Women Trying to Conceive over 40 – What Are The Chances of Getting pregnant at 40 or Above

Women Trying to Conceive over 40 are faced with more tasks to be successful in this goal. While it is a fact that women of this age have lesser chances of conception, it is still possible with the proper reinforcements. Just like the lottery, there is always a heightened chance of winning if you have more entries to play with.

The first thing that Women Trying to Conceive over 40 should remember is to toss out their inhibitions and forget about contraception. This means that they should get rid of their pills, diaphragms, sperm-neutralizing lubricants and of course, condoms. The next thing that they should do is to consult their gynecologist to help determine their ovulation period and their most fertile days. One easy way to do this is by taking you basal temperature each morning. The moment the reading goes up, that means that you are fertile and you will be able to have a good chance of conception.

Other Women Trying to Conceive over 40 would often throw in the towel and just go for in vitro or transvaginal insemination and other artificial methods. You could always do this if you want to, then again, there is a better sense of fulfillment if you achieve this naturally. One very important factor that you should also keep track of is your cervical mucus. This will help give you an idea on how susceptible your fluids are to help carry the sperm to your uterus. Most of all, remember to make healthy lifestyle choices while you are trying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the chances of getting pregnant if my significant other uses a condom AND pulls out?
    Also, 5ish days before next expected period (if that matters)


    • ANSWER:

    I need someone to tell me when are my chances of getting pregnant this month?
    So ihad unprotected sex on the 15th, and iget my period either on the 27th,28th,29th,or the 30th are my chances high of getting pregnant or no?

    • ANSWER:

    chances of getting pregnant after taking plan b?
    my boyfriend and I had sex last friday, i had been on the pill for about two weeks.I had taken it late (like an hour or so) but never missed a day. We also used a condom and he fished out side of be, I also took plan b about 15 mins after we had sex
    We plan to have sex again tonight and are going to do the same thing
    what are my chances of getting pregnant?

    • ANSWER:

    Chances of getting pregnant?
    What are the chanes from 1-100 of getting pregnant?
    My girlfriend and i did it last night and at some point the condom broke
    we didnt notice until we finished
    She takes no sort of pills and were only 15
    tomarrow should be her period
    what should i do? were both freaking out :X

    • ANSWER:

    What are the chances of getting pregnant?
    What are the chances of getting pregnant if I had sex the day after my period ended?

    • ANSWER:

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