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Odds Of Getting Pregnant After 40 – Lisa Olson's Pregnancy Miracle Guidebook

What are the odds of getting pregnant after 40? This is a question asked by so many women in the world today. It is quite true that women in their 40s usually find it a bit difficult to conceive. If you have been struggling with infertility all your life, this even makes it more difficult for you. But there are really good odds that you can get pregnant, even if you are 40, 41, 42 or even above years of age! Many women have done it, and you too can do it – but just if you know what to do and use the right practices.

If you want to learn everything it will take to greatly increase your odds of getting pregnant after 40, then I ask you to read this natural infertility cure guide written by Lisa Olson called The Pregnancy Miracle Guide. As you may already know, there are so many infertility cure guides out there, but the pregnancy miracle guide has proven to be the best of these guides, since it has helped the most women to naturally reverse their infertility, conceive and give birth to kids even if they are in their 40s.

The pregnancy miracle guide with its outstanding infertility cure tips will teach you effective practices that will greatly increase your odds of getting pregnant even if you are in your 40s. This guide was written by a lady who fought with infertility all her life, but succeeded to defeat it when she was 43 years old. She has detailed everything she used to make this happen in her infertility cure guide: “The Pregnancy Miracle”, so as to help other women who are in the same position as she was.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How many of you found yourself looking at Youtube?
    When you were pregnant? You know, seeing the cute little babies that people video taped while getting excited about moments with your bub? :) What videos did you like watching and how did they make you feel?

    • ANSWER:
      It might sound VERY morbid of me, but after our initial 20 week ultrasound showed our little man may have an echogenic bowel, I started to look at videos of babies who had trisomy 18, most of which being tribute videos because sadly this HORRIBLE disorder ends the baby’s life basically right at birth. I have also watched some amazing videos of premature babies who REALLY beat the odds, some were born at 24 weeks, one little girl was 14 ounces and survived… all of them made me cry, the ones that were tributes to babies who passed made me thankful for our children being healthy, and made me see that even in sorrow, God is still good…

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      Here is the baby born at 14 ounces-

    Is the Crittertrail Extreme Challenge hamster cage safe for babies?
    I mated my Syrian hamster Ahna and she is going to have babies. I just got a CritterTrail Extreme Challenge cage with the little compartment at the top. I’ve seen videos of people with pregnant hamsters with these cages, and the female usually makes her nest in this compartment. I’m worried that the babies might leave the nest and fall down the tube and injure themselves? I would appreciate any knowledge or advise of personal experiences please. I know the tube isn’t very long, and wouldn’t be a huge fall, but the babies are fragile and I need to know if they are at risk of being injured.
    What is the likeliness of the babies being injured if they DO fall?

    • ANSWER:
      I also agree that an aquarium would be the best choice. They’re not that expensive and you’ll need another tank when you ultimately sex the other hamsters and need to put boys and girls into two separate places. Good luck!

    how do people not use condoms and dont get pregnant?
    I see lots of videos which the guy dosent use a condom at all and he does a ‘creampie’ in her and she dosent get pregnant

    how is this?

    • ANSWER:
      birth control> pill , sponge , diafame. tubes are tyed.
      the condom protects you the man from std’s and other things. condoms can break.
      and sometimes people are just lucky. and they dont get pg. but if you mess around enough its going to happen .

    is this possible at 13 weeks pregnant?
    I was watching videos on youtube of people who are pregnant and not as far gone as i am, and they had dopplers (machines) to hear their babys heartbeat. But when i asked my midwife about this ( who btw i really dont like!) she told me this isnt possible untill at least 16 weeks? so im really confused because some girls in the youtube videos were still in their first trimester!?
    Also whilst on the pregnancy subject, i know its ‘safe’ to have sex when pregnant, but is it normal to get a mild cramping after sex? Thanks for any help!

    • ANSWER:
      Your MW is full of bologna!

      I always heard the fetal heart beats with doppler by 13/14 weeks

    is america safe anymore?
    everyone says that america is the best place to live. Maybe a long time ago it was, but not anymore. our crime rate4s are through the roof!! whens the last time u heard of TOYS R US having a shooting in london? or france?on good friday, in New York city people DIED because they were trampled to death at fricken WAL-MART!!! wal-mart people!!! a pregnant woman was injured!! isnt it sad that people lost their lives over a sale at a cheap grocerie store?? just to get a good deal on a tv or a tampoline?? a new pair of pants?? people shouldnt die because of such small things. those people didnt get to return to their familys, they didnt get to go home and spend time with their loved ones. 2 men shot and killed eachother over a tv people. a stupid tv. and our media is full of sex and violence, people kill themselves if their character dies on a VIDEO GAME. people are commitiing suicide on Youtube, no one helped that poor man. people were agging him on, saying “cmon! kill yourself!! do it do it!!” instead of calling the police BEFORE he killed himself. this is america. this isnt what immagrants think about when they say “lets move to america. its so much better there”. now sombody tell me that america is such a wonderful place to live.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, and think of how easily the illegal aliens get over to the U.S. Don’t think for a second that someone that wanted to do more harm then 9/11 couldn’t do the same thing.

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