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Natural Ways To Have A Baby Girl

If you are thinking about adding to your family, or even about conceiving your first child and would like a daughter, you might be looking for natural ways to have a baby girl. Indeed, there is much you can do to improve your chances from 50-50 to as high as 95% in your favor.

First of all, I would advise you to discount immediately any tips or hints which are so obviously based on old wives tales, such as your husband squeezing a particular testicle during intercourse (!) and concentrate on those which have a basis in scientific fact which, when you look at them logically, you can understand why they might work.

Male and female sperm are very different, behaving in different ways in response to their environment. By harnessing these differences, we can increase the odds in our favor and use natural ways to have a baby girl.

One good starting point is to understand these differences. Female sperm is much larger than male sperm due to the increased amount of genetic material it carries. It is much slower than male sperm, but can survive for longer. It also thrives better than the more fragile male sperm in the acidic vaginal environment.

About the author: After having 3 wonderful boys, my deepest wish was to have a baby girl. I didn’t love my boys any less, but my family just didn’t feel balanced. I thought long and hard about just going ahead and trying for another baby, but deep down I knew I’d be disappointed to have another boy and so I tried a natural technique to help me get my baby girl. I did have my beautiful baby girl and I guess nobody could say I wouldn’t have had her anyway. Hoewever, I just couldn’t take the chance and wanted to give myself the best possible opportunity to conceive a girl.
I now enjoy helping couples to find information to enable them to choose a baby of the sex they desire.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/pregnancy-articles/natural-ways-to-have-a-baby-girl-3476564.html

Frequently Asked Questions

    Drinking games for baby shower?
    I will soon be hostessing a baby shower for my best friend and her husband, and I am looking for some good ideas for drinking games that we can play at the party. It would be helpful if the games could be in some way baby themed, or giving birth themed. The shower will be co-ed, and there will be alcohol served. You see, my friend and her husband just want her guests to have a great time. Especially the male guests. Usually men hate baby showers.
    So, I already have plans to have a beer drinking contest, only the beer will be in baby bottles. Who ever drinks their baby bottle of beer fastest will win something.
    If you have any more good ideas, (again, involving alcohol, and being baby themed) I would love to hear them. Just don’t come up with anything that will cost me too much, please. I have already spent 0s on beer and cake for this party. Thank you, total strangers, for your help!
    I appreciate everyone’s concern for the mom, but it was her idea to have alcohol. Again, she wanted her guests to have fun. Also, she will be enjoying n/a beverages.

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    • ANSWER:
      I have never been to a baby shower that served alcohol, so I don’t know the answer. Sorry. I hope mama isn’t drinking!

    Do you like smelling a newborn baby’s breath?
    I am 2 months pregnant and can not wait to have my baby,my sister Malaysia had her babyl and every time she yawns i always be up in her face trying to smell her breath.Do you like the way baby’s breath smell?

    • ANSWER:
      I love the way babies smell ! So clean and fresh…..having worked in a newborn nursery for over 14 years, I know how wonderful all babies smell………congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck to you and your baby!

    What are some ways of baby proofing a house?
    I have cleaned everything and gotten rid of things my son could possibly use to injure himself, but i’m sure there are things that i am forgetting. Anyone have any tips?

    • ANSWER:
      Electric plugs?
      Baby Gates?
      Cabinet locks ON THE INSIDE?
      NO tables in the room?
      Sharp Corners?
      My babies spend most of their time in the playroom in the basement. I have a change room in the hallway, but theres a swinging SANDED wooden baby gate at the doorway. The whole floor is covered with padded numbers and letters. The plugs are covered and also there are toy bins (a bench toy bin) covering all of them, as well as a sofa, and its just an empty room, there’s a shelf (they cannot reach it) full of learning books on one wall, and two playpens next to each other in a corner. I love the set up and I will always have it that way! Thanks,


    What are some ways to baby proof my appt?
    I am looking for ways and ideas on how to baby proof my home. I live in an appt and do not have to worry about stairs. My daughter likes to pull up on everything including chairs. Should the chairs be put away when she is playing? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Get on your hand and knees, and crawl everywhere your daughter can go. Anything that’s dangerous will be seen at that level, rather than if you just looked while standing up straight. Chairs are fine — as long as she doesn’t pull them on top of herself. I trust you don’t leave her on her own, in which case the chairs are fine to stay out as long as you keep an eye on her.

    Has anyone had a baby with a man that shows u no respect?
    It is so hard. We already have a baby together and another on the way. Baby 2 is due in July. He does not live with me since Feb. We got in a big fight back then. He is so mean to me now and he comes over to see our first son, but barely talks to me or shows me any respect. Has anyone delt with this? It is so hard

    • ANSWER:
      yes actually, my son’s biological father left when my son was 5 months old. he would come over sometimes to see him, sometimes he would show up out of the blue at 1:00 am demanding to see him other times he would say he was coming over but never would. he avoided my calls half the time and was just rude to me, he’d show up at my house with random girls to show off his “boy”. this went on for about 3 months, then he just stopped coming around all together. he shows everyone pictures and tells everyone how he misses his son but yet he never tries to see him and when i offer he’s always busy. he hasn’t seen my son since he was a year old. my son has no idea who he is. luckily my husband is a wonderful father to him and he loves him more than anything.

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