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Can a Woman Get Pregnant at 42? – How to Cure Infertility and Get Pregnant At Age 42

Can a woman get pregnant at 42? Is it possible for women who have been struggling with infertility all their lives to finally crack the code for fertility and get a baby at 42? This is a question asked by so many women in the world today. Though there is really no definite answer to this question that can satisfy everyone, there are methods you can use to greatly enhance your probabilities of getting pregnant at 42 years of age.

To say the least, women can get pregnant at 42. However, in most cases, they might need some special help, especially if they had been diagnosed with some infertility related issues. If you want to get a kid at 42, then you should get this infertility cure guide The Pregnancy Miracle Program, and follow the 7 step complete holistic infertility cure system discussed in it.

This 7 step holistic infertility cure system has helped so many older women to get pregnant and put to bed healthy kids. This system will greatly increase you chances of getting pregnant, by tackling your infertility from a broad angle, fighting every possible thing that can be reducing your chances of getting pregnant.

If you really want to get a positive answer to the question: “can a woman get pregnant at 42” then I suggest you get a copy of the pregnant miracle guide and start increasing your odd of getting the baby of your dream, through its effective 7 step holistic infertility cure system.

Do you want to get tips on How to Cure Infertility and Get Pregnant at Age 42? Do you want to very much increase your probability of naturally conceiving?
Click here ==> Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle guide, to read more about this infertility cure system that has proven time and again that women can get pregnant, even if they are 42 or above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do women get pregnant when they are?
    Why do women pregnant when they are drunk? I don’t understand what drunkeness has to do with getting you prego. Can someone please explain this?
    I know being drunk makes you more dumb, but why even if you were on birth control, why does it still get them prego?

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    • ANSWER:
      Alcohol lowers your “defenses” I guess. I don’t know how to phrase that. It makes you more easy going, and more willing I suppose. Easier. But it’s a horrible excuse for getting pregnant.

    Why do men run away from their responsibilities, when they get women pregnant?
    But never stop to think about the potential consequences BEFORE sex?

    “Can I communicate with this woman in a friendly manner? Do we share the same values, as far as being a parent is concerned? Did she ever planned to have children at some point in her life? Is she responsible? Can I handle having a life long bond with this person? Is she financially stable?” And vice versa.

    I ask because I am sick of hearing people put the blame, mostly, on the mother, when the father is also responsible for her getting pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      Nobody thinks about that at 2 o’clock Saturday or Sunday morning. They are thinking about gettin’ some. Dave Chappelle said, “If p@#$y was stock, it wouldn’t sell because women are flooding the market with it.” Get it? It takes 2 to make a baby. Ladies be responsible especially if the guy isn’t going to be. If you don’t want to get pregnant, take the necessary precautions. No glove, no love. No means no. You should know the person you are lying down with, before you lie down with them.

    Can epilepsy women get pregnant &deliver healthy baby when she is on heavy dose anticonvulsant?

    • ANSWER:

    When skinny women get pregnant, do most of them get a bad stretch marks on their stomachs?
    Okay, I’ve never been pregnant before nor planning on getting pregnant because I’m trying to finish college. But it just scares me when I see pregnant women with bad stretch marks on their stomach and some will never go away. And I ask myself, “will I have that too?” My nationality is a filipino and most of us are little and short. I’m almost 20 years old, 5’2, and only weighs 85lbs..Being petite runs in my family. But can anyone tell me if I will get bad stretch marks when I get pregnant one day?

    • ANSWER:
      You cannot tell whether you will have stretch marks based on your physical features. My super petite sister in law is 5’0 and weighs no more than 95 and didn’t get one stretch mark. My sister is 5’6 and weighs 120 and got horrible stretch marks. And not to mention, it also may have more to do with the particular pregnancy. My mother in law didn’t get any stretch marks until her 4th pregnancy.

      So I guess it is more about luck. But don’t worry, when you are holding your precious baby in your arms, you won’t even think about the stretch marks. Being a mother is part of life and in the long run, things like stretch marks are insignificant.

    Is it true you can only get a women pregnant when the ovulate? (and a few days before and after)?
    So if you don’t use any protection while their not ovulating and you finish inside them they won’t get pregnant, right? Like wouldn’t it lower you chances of pregnancy if you have sex after their period with out using a condom?

    • ANSWER:
      yes without ovulation no pregnancy can occur…however

      Sperm can live in utero(in the woman’s body) for up to 5 days. the ovum(egg) can live upto 24 hrs. so for 5 days before and 1after yes.

      Be warned some women ovulate more than once per cylce and many dont know when they ovulate (unless they are very regular)

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