When To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

When to get pregnant after miscarriage

Tips When You Are Wanting To Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage

When you are wanting to get pregnant after a miscarriage, there is a lot to consider. The biggest factor to think about is if enough time has passed after the miscarriage for you to try again. Time is the single most important factor in your physical and emotional healing. Your doctor can best determine this for you.

If you miscarry far into your pregnancy, you may have to wait two to three months before your body is ready to try again. For very early miscarriages, you could try again immediately. It depends on the individual and the conditions surrounding the event. The standard advice given by doctors is for women to wait a full cycle, which means to wait until they have a natural period after the miscarriage before they try again.

Women should wait for several reasons. The first reason is to allow your body to recover. A miscarriage is an extremely intense event that may throw your entire body off its normal cycle. You also need enough time to ensure that the miscarried fetus and all the tissue from the pregnancy leaves your body. This means that your next pregnancy can start anew without any negative elements from the previous remaining. Wait at least a week after you last spot to ensure that you are done flushing out your system.

Emotional healing is the other chief element women should concern themselves with. Miscarriages may be very emotionally painful and difficult to get over. If you get pregnant again before you are ready, the intense grief from the miscarriage may cause you to miscarry again. Therapy is often a good option for couples who take a miscarriage very hard.

Miscarriages can happen for several reasons. Sometimes it is a natural and necessary occurrence if a fetus had a severe abnormality or mutation. Your body was able to tell that the fetus would not survive until birth and therefore terminated the pregnancy as soon as possible. In other cases, your personal health could play a factor. If you drink or smoke, these will definitely play a part in the health of your baby. Sometimes medication you take, diseases you have, or accidents that befall you can cause miscarriages. Your health should be as perfect as you are capable of making it before you try to get pregnant again.

A couple that has had a hard time getting pregnant in the first place may be devastated by a miscarriage. However, the pregnancy itself should be an excellent sign. It shows you that whatever methods you are taking to have a baby is working for you. It may just take a few attempts to conceive a healthy fetus that you can carry until birth.

Some things people can do to improve their fertility and reduce the chance of miscarrying are: in vitro, acupuncture, and taking certain vitamins and herbal supplements. If you have difficulty conceiving and manage to get pregnant while using one of these methods, it is a sign that it is right for your body and will eventually work. Consult your doctor during this trying time to make sure you are doing what is best for you.

About the author: If you are a woman wanting to get pregant after a miscariage, it is still possible. But you have to know how to do it safely. Click the link if you want to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    When did you get pregnant after Miscarriage?
    How long after your miscarriage did it take for you to become pregnant after actively trying to conceive?

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    I know iv asked this question before but i didnt get too many responses. Thanks again.

    • ANSWER:
      Aww huni, Im sorry to hear about your miscarriage. xx

      I got pregnant 14 days after miscarrying. I am now 17 weeks pregnant!

      Good luck xxx

    Pregnant after miscarriage. When did you tell people?
    We’re trying to get pregnant after having an early miscarriage in november. I had told everyone we were expecting and then had to tell them I lost the baby. This time I want to wait a little while. We don’t live around family so it won’t be hard to keep a secret. Anyway, should I wait til after the first ultrasound? Til I hear a heart beat? Or til 12 weeks? When would you tell people? I lost my last pregnancy at just 4 wk 4 days.

    • ANSWER:
      I miscarried my first pregnancy in October of 2009 and found out I was pregnant again in October of 2010, a year and 5 days after I miscarried. My husband and I were very hesitant to tell anyone and decided right away that we wouldn’t be telling anyone until further into the pregnancy, when we felt we were comfortable and everything would be okay. I told my mother about a week later because I had some early complications and was in the ER 3 times during my 5th week and I wanted her there with me because my hubby was at work. I also told my cousin after I ended up in the hospital the first time. They were the only people to know until much later. I told my father at 12 weeks, we told hubby’s parents at 14 weeks and waited to tell anyone else until after our 16 week appointment. In the long run I really liked not telling anyone right away. I liked having a little secret between me and my hubby for those first 16 weeks and we’ve already decided that we will wait until at least 12-16 weeks (as long as I can hide it without showing) before announcing future pregnancy’s as well.

      Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!

    When should I try to get pregnant after a miscarriage?
    I just had a D&C and I realize my period will not start right away.Considering the circumstances of my miscarriage,I was advised by one doctor not to get pregnant for a year.I then talked to a doctor who diagnosed my miscarriage and performed surgery said I should wait two cycles to conceive.

    I’d just like to of any woman who has had a miscarriage and how soon did they conceive after?

    • ANSWER:
      I Have had three miscarriage in less then a year. My first i had a D&C and was told to wait at least 3 months, because with a D&C they scrap the lining and it becomes very thin and needs time to heal, my second two were natural (@ 5weeks) and was told to wait 1 complete cycle.But it does depend on your circumstance i would personally listen to your doctor, after all they know your history. Did they say why you had to wait for 1 year.
      Good luck and i hope all goes well for you.

    when is the soonest i can get pregnant after a miscarriage?
    i had a miscarriage a week ago and i was 12 weeks pregnant and i just want to know when the soonest i can get pregnant. not what doctors say but the actual facts about when i can get pregnant. i dont want to hear you should wait till your next menstrual cycle cus that doesnt answer my question. please help! i just want to be pregnant again.

    • ANSWER:
      i am sorry for your loss, it is best wait 6mo to a yr.

    When can I get pregnant after a miscarriage?
    I would have been 8 weeks pregnant today but my ultrasound this morning revealed that I had miscarried. I would very much like to try again. Has anyone gotten pregnant right after the bleeding stopped and how long will this bleeding last?

    • ANSWER:
      I had a m/c in April and the doctors told me to wait 1 cycle before trying again then again in June we conceived again. I am now 19 weeks 4 days with a healthy baby boy. I wish you luck and keep your head up.

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